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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Let The Games BEGIN!!

It's about bloody time! 
Well, seems that the worst of the rainy season is behind us (knock on wood, cross our fingers and wave a dead cat over our head under a full moon!) after three weeks of almost perpetual wetness!  Since Sunday we have been enjoying dry skies and lower temps and it has compelled some folks to start bringing out their rides to trade or sell!  YAY!  Have picked up four in the last two days and will be working like a man processed to get them out! Finished a REAL sweet Specialized 20" BMX!  This one is in like new condition!  Have a ladies 26" MTB "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL" in my rack now, then going on to really nice, mid-nineties Trek 800 MTB!  Slowly but surely filling things back up again!  YAY! 
All right.  This was jut  quick pop-in as I REALLY need to get back at it!  SEE YA SOON!!!

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