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Monday, March 17, 2014

You Don' Know Jack?

Well, let me introduce you! 
Yesterday afternoon whilst we were waiting for the barbecue meat to marinate, Angi and I took the kiddos to the neighborhood park to burn off the sugar they consumed at their "Saint Patty's Day" donut breakfast.  Yes, as much as I like to cook, the amount of time I spent in the kitchen on Sundays preparing both brunch and dinner was getting to be a little to much.  So if I'm doing a big dinner spread, easy breakfast!  As per usual, there is always a grump in the lot when we go.  This time it was Kaleb's turn.  He doesn't have just a stick up his patoot, he has an entire, industrial sized lumber yard wedged up there!  The whole testosterone fueled "everyone is against me" schtick is getting SO old!  I have to give my lovely "Irish" wife a HUGE helping of kudos for NOT taking a 2 X 4 to him!  Lately, almost every word oozing out of his mouth is drenched in vitriol, riddled with disrespect and wreaking of contempt! His justification?  He is on restrictions because he's failing almost every class, and we have the audacity to expect him to perform (in conjunction with Logan) his nightly chore of the dishes and laundry.  OH MY!  How insidiously evil of us!! To think we are so cruel as to expect him to interrupt his afternoon nap before dinner to help out!
Sorry, got off on a tangent there!
As we were walking home from the park, Owen, with his keen eye and affinity for nature noticed something on the other side of the street.  A small little critter writhing about on the sidewalk.  He quickly alerted me and I found it to be about 3 inches long, no bigger then my thumb, but with great effort, fighting for life.  It took a few minuets to realize it was a newborn rabbit!  Owen gets his empathy for animals from his dad as we gingerly scooped him up and carried him home.  A little research later and we figured out what he needed to eat (kitten milk with a pinch of ascedopolous) made him a up a make shift cage out of receiving blankets, sheets and a laundry basket.  We had no heating pad, but Angela came up with the idea for a "rice sock" heated up in the microwave.  He took to the syringe feeding very well, and once I got it in his mouth (big front teeth) he went through his evening and morning feed right quick!  I did, however, realize I had two limitations.  The information on wild rabbits is varying and contradictory.  Baby rabbit need help pooping.  You have to stroke them from under the front legs past their bottom to induce a bowel movement, but some say you have to do it from birth, others say they don't defecate from day one, but rather just urinate, but not knowing how old he is (although his eyes were not yet open so he was definitely less then ten days) I didn't know when to expect him to go, and didn't want to risk hurting him.  Also, he is a wild rabbit and once old enough, needed to be released back into the wild.  That's where I would have a real problem!  I know me.  I would definitely grow attached to him (heck, I already named him) and would, against natures better judgment, want to domesticate him.  And that should not be done.  So it was with a great deal of reluctance that I did some calling today and got in touch with the ASPCA and the Avian and Veterinarian Hospital in Pineallas Park.  They came and picked him up today.  He will get a full check up then be released to the care of a trained wildlife rehabilitation expert and hopefully have a fighting chance.  I have high hopes as he is a fighter, hence why I named him Jack. Jack for Jack rabbit, but also because Jack Murdock was the father of Matt Murdock, aka: The Daredevil and Jack was an ex-prizefighter.  Not to mention the way this little guy climbed over all the blankets to get to the rice sock, he was definitely a bit of a Daredevil!  So now, I have the un-envious task of explaining to Owen why I had to send him away. 
Back to reality!
Saturday was a brisk day of repairs but managed to send two to new homes.  We were able to get two new ones out, but both of them were sold while they were still in the rack so that really didn't fill any holes!  Have no fear, though, as we also managed to score several newbies as well!  And a couple are some (soon to be) nice hybrids!  Can't get enough of them!
So without further adieu, I'd best get at it!
See ya soon!

God speed little guy!  Our prayers go with you!


  1. Mister Atherton, I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of just knowing you at this moment. I tend to judge a man by how he treats animals, and you just blew the top off the Cool-O-Meter.

    You rock.

  2. Thank you sir. We were put here to take care of the garden. Unfortunately the majority have forgotten that. You shouldn't tamper with mother nature, but you can offer your services to help.

  3. By the way, Steven, with regard to my good friend Kaleb (and I do mean that, Kaleb): I recommend you splurge for a digital countdown clock, timed to noon of his 18th birthday, and mount it right by the front door in your home.

    Hope all around.