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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stella Got His Groove Back!

Things was ah swingin' yesterday!
First thing in the AM we got real busy with several looky loo's.  We sent a ride home early, a few repairs and phone inquiries.  Then about eleven things quieted down and I got to ah grooving on builds!  Had one of our regulars drop off a bike donations, saying it was just a little to heavy for him, perhaps I could use it for parts.  He was quite shocked when I gave him a big thank you, and informed him the bike was worth the effort to fix up.  He is a wee it of a collector, and has about 12 bikes to his name, but the majority of them are higher end.  This ride was a Huffy MTB, so he thought it had little value.  Oh Nay, Nay!  Everything has value, especially a relatively inexpensive mode of transportation in this day and age!  So we did her up, lickety split and sent it to a new home about an hour later!   All in all we put out six new rides yesterday!  WA-HOO!!  And got more that need a doin' today!
At the tail end of the day (literally t-ten and counting) we got slammed!  Oh I love those times where I gotta make these old bones shimmy!  Had two young ladies come in, fresh in from Ohio setting up a new life.  Once they realized the convenience of using the Pinellas trail in getting to and from work and home, they opted to do it "Bikah style!" and leave the gas guzzler at home!  Welcome to the "Cool Kids Club!"  They grabbed the ladies 26" Roadmaster and 26" Trek, respectfully.  While they were road testing, we had three repairs come in of the "we need them right now" type.  Sure, no problem!  They were minor tweaks and tube changes to get them back on the road.  While all that was going on, another very nice lady came in and patiently waited her turn for service.  That's one thing I have to say, with all conviction, we are fortunate to have some of the nicest folks come in here!  Rarely do we get an individual in here that is impatient.  Rather, they recognize that for the most part I am here alone and they diligently wait their turn!  Whence it was her time in the spotlight she had already made up her mind and grabbed one of the new MTB's I had just put out!  WOOF!  That was a  hectic 20 minuets!  Thanks to my loving and understanding wife for not being to peeved at me for getting home late. 
Before it gets to late, I need to get at it and get some more newbies out, not to mention the slew of repairs we have already accumulated this morning!
See ya soon!
ONLY $45.00!!
ONLY $50.00!!!
ONLY $45.00!!
ONLY $175.00!!!

26" MEN'S MTB!!
ONLY $85.00!!!

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