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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wash, Rinse, Dry...ONCE!

The other day Angi called me sporting her very best agitated voice. Thankfully it wasn't because of something I did or didn't do!  As she was working on the laundry (left over from the HUGE mound of clothes from the kiddo-purge on Sunday) she informed me it was taking three to five trips through the dryer to get just once load dried.  Seems the old Maytag had finally gone to the great beyond.  I stated I'd call Sarge, our used appliance dealer, and have him bring over another.  It's sad, really.  Most folks have their usual grocer, or hairstylist, we are on a first name basis with appliance and furniture retailers.  SO much so, we don't even have to visit a store!  Just call 'em up and state "send over another dryer" or "We need another living room set!"  And it's not like we are upgrading!  The previous years furnishings are fit only for the curb! 
I digress.
Once I said "Sarge's" she said, in a very polite, diplomatic way "Well, if you would please indulge me,  I have another option"  (although the phone connection must have been bad because it sounded like she said "I don't want another out of date piece of crap that we will have to replace again in three months") As she put it so eloquently I was compelled to listen.  She had done her research prior to calling me and had located a NEW high tech, triple-loader, with all the bells and whistles that we could get on store credit.  She had also discussed terms and dollar figure and that she could have it delivered the next day, with free removal and set up.
Gosh!  How could I say no.
Honestly, it was the smartest choice.  With full service and warranty, plus the energy savings of not having to run the dryer five times a load, it was a no brainer! 
So, they delivered it yesterday morning, and she gleefully went to work on the laundry, having finished all the kids and most of hers by the time I came home.  Then, like a professional spokes model, she happily demonstrated it's many functions.  Touch screen display, a multitude of settings, with features ranging from load sensors, weight balancing and auto fill that determines the exact amount of water for the weight of clothes.  AMAZING!  And as we stood there marveling at the new addition, two thoughts came to mind.  First was how lucky I was that not only was she a good partner and mother but that I had a wife that appreciated the gift of a washer and dryer.  Some men have to endure the demands of diamonds, vacations and luxuries to keep their significant others satiated.  I'm a lucky, lucky man!
Two:  Just how much of a redneck am I to spend my evening playing with this heah' new fangled' gadget!
Yesterday was a busy Tuesday!  Picked up three new goodies, and with barely enough time to prep them for sale, two of them sold out from under me!  Also, sold one of the MTB's we got in for the "Bike Ministries" so they can get more rides out to the homeless. Of course, repairs as always were unabated, thank you all so VERY much!  We are still managing to get most of them done on a same day basis!  Also we send a shout out to all the folks bringing us in new goodies we ALWAYS need!
Also a personal "bless you" to our friends from way up North, "Ay", as they returned their rentals from their Snowbird visit, they also brought along a bevy of their unused food stuffs.  This time of year our pantry begins to swell from the generosity of our many lovely patrons!  Which reminds me, I forgot to mention the wonderful ladies from one of last weeks gatherings who brought over a huge tray of left over bread pudding.  Thank you so much, mam.  it was wonderful!  (Irish children.  Of course they are going to love bread pudding!)
So, now I need to get back at it.  First though, Got a long over do visit from Uncle Chippie this morn, out for his Wednesday route on "Queen Anne's Revenge" and during our visit gave me the skinny on a posting on You tube he's in.  Gonna check that out real quick!
See ya soon!

ONLY $125.00!


  1. Steven-

    There are several things you might own that cannot possibly be "too big". The washer and dryer are in the top five. (So is your bank account.) I do the laundry here at Casa Loco, and yeah, I do much prefer to do a few big loads rather than two hundred small ones. I'm funny that way.

    As for my Youtube fame, I think it's ALL hilarious. There's the stuff I mentioned to you yesterday, but if you go looking for me on that site, you get a radio interview (On Youtube???), and a video that was shot on Clearwater Beach where I appear to have no arms at all, and the camera crew very mentioned that! (Thanks, guys.)

    I'm not sure how easy it might be for someone to find the work I mentioned to you yesterday (that was shot over eight years ago), as I don't think I am (as of yet) credited in that one), but should anyone stumble across it, pay very close attention to the audio. We'll leave it at this: My sister now refers to me as "Professor Charming".

  2. Um...

    Make that "very mentioned" NEVER MENTIONED. Duh.

  3. Yea, I was not able to find "Professor Charming" (any relation to the prince?) but found a few other character's profiles. You do appear in a cameo in the villains one, and you were right, much less gray hair!

  4. Oh, it's not officially "Professor Charming", that's just my sister's dig. Let me see if I can find the trailer for the professor and send it along via email.

    The actor that portrsayed the villian (J. LaRose) went on to do some stuff in Hollywood. He was very cool to work with.