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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Slumber Interuptus

Ever have one of those mornings?

You wake up, perhaps earlier then you wanted too and quickly realize the chance you are going to be able to snuggle back into bed and get an extra half an hour is completely out of the question.  Free will is completely out of the question as your responsibility compels you to perform any number of sudden, necessary tasks, all with the sliver of hope that should you complete them, you will be able to lay down for a scant few moments more.  But, cognitive awareness wrestles with involuntary movement and you are awake.  So you brew a pot, do your best to drag a brush through your hair, and except the inevitability that the day has begun, and whether you want to participate in it or not is irrelevant.  As a form of self preservation, you "buck up" except the inevitable. trying to conjure up a thought or image that may plaster a smile on your face and make consciousness bearable. 
As you force your body into concealing fabric you feel a certain degree of discomfort, your skin not yet ready to surrender the softness of linen to coarse denim.   As you go about your days preparation a small voice in the back of your head cannot help but ponder the query "why is it still so dark outside?"
Then you recognize the familiar sound undulating through the bones of your home....
Undaunted, you draw a deep calming breath, except the fact that you're going to get a little wet on the way to work, and press on.  You sit, sipping your coffee, desperately grasping to fleeting, ethereal "good thoughts", when you realize that you are not alone in your desperation.  Those around you begin to rise, each one wrestling with their own inability to except the reality of unwelcome consciousness.  It is then that you realize the old adage "misery loves company" is not appropriate for the situation!
So... how was your morning?
Yes, I'm trying desperately to get motivated.  Yesterday, even given the onslaught of rain, we managed to be quite busy with several repair drop offs coming in.  Sent a couple more goodies home with new families, and even managed to get a few more in.  The Genesis 29'er we got in Saturday ended up being a complete rebuild in the end, but worth it, as it found an owner first thing this morning.  Have no fear though, we have plenty more newbies to work with. 
So with that, I'd best think "happy thoughts" and move on with the day!

ONLY $75.00

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