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Monday, March 3, 2014

HEY! Here's an idea...we could play "King of the Mountain"!

Yes, Saturday was another humdinger of a marathon for this old man!  Toward the tail end of the day had to call in reinforcements (Kaleb) to help clean it up!  Between the buying, trading and repairs we accumulated, had to leave all the new stuff we picked up outside in one of the parking spots AND on the sidewalk!  WOOF!  The repairs (don't want to leave someone else's bike outside unattended!) were taking up ALL the room in the shop!  Apparently everyone woke up to the GORGEOUS day and realized "HEY!  We can go riding on Sunday!"  Then, upon visiting the garage, realized that their old wheels needed some spit and polish!  Where to take them?  Well here of course!  And, as everyone wanted to ride the next day, guess when they wanted their repairs done?  Yep!  Right then!  But, as we are blessed to have very understanding patrons, they saw the mound we were working on and were very understanding and patient!  We managed to get everything that needed to be done, done (although I was an hour late getting home).  Today, I finish up the rest, then tackle the bevy of new goodies we got in (as he claps his hands together, rubbing furiously!) We were able to get out three new goodies earlier on (before the heavenly flood!) two of which still remain (surprisingly).  A cool looking (relatively new) 7 speed cruiser and a REALLY new looking Schwinn Voyageur 7 speed hybrid!  This one is a pip!  A very nice lady, who had picked it up a wee bit ago and only rode it a couple times decided to sell.  Her reasoning was she didn't like the narrow 700 wheels and found it to big for her.  She had found another bike she liked more at another shop and was looking to move this one to help pay for it.  When I told her the purchase price she was slightly taken aback, as it was less then her original purchase price (yes, folks, sometimes it takes a little explaining for some people to understand wholesale and resale) Her biggest trouble, though, was the fact that she had just purchased a new seat for it at "another" bike shop in town, a very nice Cloud 9 gel seat, that she paid $65.00 for!  She was further taken aback when I showed her the order catalog for J & B Cycle, the industry standard, and the fact that the wholesale price on her seat was $12.00.  To help the sting, I suggested she take the seat and either return it for what she paid for or use it on her new bike.  That help reduce the swelling! 
We also picked up...Oh Lord, I can't remember how many other rides!  I do know there are a few very nice cruiser, couple mountain bikes...Like I said, With the pile now stacked up in "Bone Row" we could all have a very fun game of King of the Hill! 
Sunday was another day of relaxation.  Shook things up a bit by not doing brunch this week.  Every time I cook a big spread Sunday, Angi and I are not hungry come dinner time, then about ten O'clock  I get peckish and if I eat after eight PM?  Well, the snoring that night shakes the house's frame work!  So in the interest of sparing the plaster on the walls (not to mention Angi's ear drums) I started a big roast at about one pm.  Nothing like a slow cooked New England Roast!  The remainder of the day was consumed with play, arts and crafts (and yes, Magic) then the regular evening routine of getting ready for the new week! 
And here we are today.  SO, I'd best get my keister in gear, as another one of the rides we picked up Saturday just sold as I was writing this and I NEED to get more goodies out!
See ya soon! 

ONLY $180.00!!!

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