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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Okay, so today I have put myself on a time table.  My mornings lately have been blessedly busy with a combination of customers and all my morning computer stuff.  Blog, Craigslist, Patch, Ebay, Yahoo, Amazon, bank, credit cards and emails.  A little ritual I have that I keep adding tasks to, so I am trying to streamline it a bit.  I thought about starting the blog at the house in the AM before we head out for the day, but quickly realized this morning that, one; I can't get up on time to save my neck and two; once up, my every second is consumed with kiddos.  You really don't realize how much you have to do until you try and plan something else to do with your time!  I set my "work" time to start at 9.30 but have already surpassed that and still have two to go!  ARRGH!  No, this is not me complaining, I am blessed to be busy.  Sometimes just wished there was two of me! 
Speaking of busy!  WOW!  Yesterday was a Godsend! Again thanks to all the wonderful folks who came by yesterday to make sure I had something to do!  A steady flow of repairs kept coming in and once again the "on hold" bay is swamped!  (doing the giddy, happy pants dance!).  Also, the Fuji Roubaix went home with the perfect fit!  One of New Yorks Finest, retired, will be spending his well earned leisure time showing her off! 
As yesterday was all about repairs, the highlight being a VERY stubborn Road Bike with A LOT of hidden surprises!  Like a matryoshka doll, each thing I fixed revealed another thing wrong! 
.....four hours later (spoken in "SpongeBob Squarepants" Jacques Cousteau accent)
and she was done!  Which regretfully lead to NOTHING new being built!
SO, today, as we STILL have a bevy of bikes out back begging to be built,  I need to get at it!
See ya all soon!

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