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Friday, March 7, 2014

Kiddo's Bicycle Rodeo!

The rain yesterday brought with it two things!  Some really achy, sore bones and muscles (sucks getting older) and a starkly obvious absence of customers.  I made the best of it though!  Put in some good "Rainy Day" movies and went to town on some of the overstock we've had kicking around begging to be finished!  As it turns out, I got a rhythm going with kids bikes and just kept plugging!  Turned out a really clean 2011 Haro 100.3, also an older Haro BMX that was in rough condition when we picked her up but now is a real nice riding "mutt".  Also 2 more "Banger" kids 20" and two "16 inchers!  One of those is a really cute looking "Motocross" style!  We also have the beginnings of a really sharp looking adult size "fixie"!  I pried this one out of the back of a scrap truck last week.  I saw it was a "Free Spirit" road bike, so I didn't think it would be anything special.  Normally the word "Free Spirit" is synonymous with "cheap".  These bikes were made for Sears by Murray or Huffy respectfully, dependent upon when you bought them.  What I noticed when I pulled it out was tha even with all the components still on it, it was unusually light!  Murray did build a decent road bike in it's past, the "Serotta", but I wondered if they didn't pass some of that technology onto this Free Spirit?  All the components on it were alloy,  light by that times standards, and pretty cool looking too!  What I really like about this lugged frame was the fact that there are NO cable stays!  All cables were secured with chrome clamps. thus giving it clean lines when every thing is removed.  Plus, the rear drops come with the spring actuated axle stays.  This is gonna be one sweet fixie/single!  Haven't decided which one yet.  Just did the tear down last night and am gathering goodies!  Check it out later! 
Well, Miranda is coming into her own and has entered the "testing" phase.  For anyone without children, unfamiliar with this point in a child's development, the testing phase is a limited period of time where the child "tests" the boundaries of parental and societal "law".  Attempting to discover, through continual acts of blatant disobedience, just how far they can "push" the limits.  This phase usually begins when they start walking but will quickly subside when they are in their early 30's.  Now, it is a parents duty to stay firm and consistent in any and all rules, and must act accordingly when confronted with defiance .  There are two schools of thought in dealing with this moment.  One, is the use of corporal punishment as negative reinforcement.  Around our house, that is primarily a last resort.  Oh, we need to really sit on our hands sometimes, mind you, but we learned the rules a long time ago.  In the state of Florida corporal punishment is legal but has limitations,  Striking a child is only permissible if it is done with the flat of the palm (no switches folks) on the child's buttocks.  That area is defined as two inches below the tailbone and above the curve of the buttocks.  The problem is a child's propensity for evasive squirming will often times result in the intended buttocks slap inevitably striking the thigh, lower leg or back (in the case of Owen, a masterful squirmer, you'd be lucky if you got a shoulder).  It took no time at all for us to realize that spankings past the age of two, were non productive.  And even though a police officer friend of ours suggested (in dealing with Kaleb) to use a phone book  (They don't leave marks)  That our best recourse was a stern voice or at times a LOUD one.  Problem is, to quote Arthur Fonzerelli, "No one will see you as a fighter if you have never been in a fight"
Well, yesterday little miss Miranda, in full view of her mother, slowly removed her diaper (against her mothers stern warnings)  and with eyes daring her mother to stop her....
peed on the floor. Needless to say, young miss Miranda has not learned to squirm yet.  Oh, don't get concerned, the tap she got was slight, but had the desired effect, informing her that was not acceptable!  The pleasant side effect (for me) was that she wanted to hang out with me last night when I got home, so much so as to come up to me and give my leg a big hug and motioned for me to pick her up.  That may not be right of me, but anytime their loving attention is on me, I soak it up!  99.9% of the time, Mommy's the hero!
Id best get at it, got so much to get done!  See ya soon!
ONLY $35.00!!

ONLY $30.00!!

2011 HARO 100.3 BMX
ONLY $180.00!!
ONLY $90.00!!
ONLY $40.00!!!!

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