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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sometimes Seconds Are Better!

Yesterday morning, shortly after opening, we got a call from a gent looking for a  couple minor parts.  Of course we had them so I bade him come by.  After hanging up I went about my usual morning chores making the world safe for cyclists.  Long about eleven a gent came by, the self same parts procurer, whose order we filled, post haste.  As I was ringing him up he told me a short story that contradicted the term "sales and service". 
In his search for a few trinkets to rebuild his ailing ride he first went to a local "boutique" shop that was closer to his home.  His clear and highly agitated statement "Don't EVER go to "_____ _____" apparently summed up a harrowing experience.  Being the inquisitive sort, I bid him to tell me his tale of woe.  Apparently, being an early riser, he beset upon the aforementioned cycle shop about 9.30am that morning, arriving at the doors (which were open) at about 20 minuets 'till.  Unfortunately, as he stepped through the threshold, eager to purchase his needed materials he was met by the owner with an intensely gruff  "Can't you see we are closed!" The customer stammered, felled by the vicious vitriol, and was met by an equally venomous "Can't you read?! we don't open until ten am, now go away, can't you see I'm busy!?"
I feel very sorry for the gent having to endure that kind of treatment, when all he was looking for was to get his ride moving again.  And after all, I think some of these other shops forget, that's what we are here for, anyway!  Look, our posted hours are from 9am to 6pm, but after dropping off the kids I'm here no later then 8.30.  I've had folks come in as I'm bringing out the sign and display bikes , heck, I've even had customers help before! The way I look at it, we are damn lucky folks want to come in and sample our wares, so I have no problem with a little accommodation!
Sorry, it's just, I wonder how anyone could get into customer service if they don't like people!
Yea, it has been "Saturday Morning" pretty much all week long around here!  Chide me if you wish, but I never really grew up.  I scored big time on E-Bay and picked up the complete "Looney Tunes" Golden collection (24 DVD set!) with loads of extras!  Three days straight and I'm just now on disc five!  WA-HOO!  Brings me WAY back! 
Another embarrassing moment in my life: Yesterday morning as I was doing my computer work, a couple who had brought in a bike for repairs at the beginning of the week came into the store.  I stared at them blankly as they gazed at me with a mixture of expectation and curiosity, waiting for me to do something.  Finally I asked "can I help you?" to which they responded "we're here to pick up our bike" in a kind of "no duh!" tone.  I blinked, paused, then inquired "we haven't worked on it yet, I thought you wanted to pick it up Friday?"  They both glanced at each other in the same way you looked to family members when crazy old uncle Jake has dressed for church with his underwear outside his pants and used chocolate pudding for hair gel.  They then turned back to me, blinked and said in a very cautious tone, as if to a confused child "but today is Friday..."
Yes, it has happened!  I have become SO reliant on technology, that I have lost my ability to keep track of the passage of time without it!  At the beginning of the week, my cell phone tweaked out on me and I had to pull the battery to get it right.  In so doing, it somehow threw the clock and calendar back to preset mode.  I reset the clock but not the date!  I lost a day and didn't even realize it!"  
OK, having fully exposed my soft white under belly.....
Thanks so much to the gent, new to the area, who shares in our belief of trying to buy locally!  He came in and gave the Schwinn Ranger a good new home!  We appreciate the patronage, although I did find it rather quaint that he was looking for  "locally owned" bank to set up his accounts.  Is there even such a thing anymore?  Also, as always, thanks to all for the continued repairs!  Keeps us hopping!  Did manage to put out three newbies yesterday, all in the "reasonably priced" category!  Check 'em out below! 
Yesterday marked a milestone around the house.  And luckily, I was not there to put a pall on it!  Logan made his first solo trip to the store! 
Now, that may not seem like much of a milestone for a twelve year old, but mind you, for an overbearing, over protective parent such as I, the milestone was, I didn't explode when I heard! Hence why Angi let him go while I wasn't around!  Softens the blow.  My big thing is crossing Sunset Point Road.  No cross walk and a bunch of idiot drivers that don't pay attention to anything but their cell phones! 
ANYWAY!  Gotta git back at it!
Lot's of goodies to work on, so I'm off!
See ya soon!

ONLY $85.00
ONLY $ 90.00!!
ONLY $70.00!!
ONLY $80.00!!

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