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Monday, March 10, 2014

How Lovecraftian!

This morning, while going to get my daily dose of caffeine I had to head to an alternative to my usual haunt, The Hren's Nest, as they are closed on Mondays.  Unfortunately I had the misfortune, as I opened the other stores door, of inhaling through my nose as I did so.  A fateful error, as I was overwhelmed by the most vile stench assailing my olfactory senses!  Not unlike H.P. Lovecraft's unholy "old God" creature Cuthulu, this wreaking stench slithered its voracious tendrils through my nose, quickly snaking their way over the back of my throat, and mercilessly wrapping themselves around my lungs and began to constrict the very life from me!  I instinctively staggered back, gasping to regain some morsels of air, in a vain attempt to restart my failing lungs! 
Once again able to breath, I gave no thought to anything save the necessity of coffee, and cautiously attempted to enter again.  Expressing a realization of "lesson learned", I opted to breath through my mouth, however  the stench, obviously sentient, recognized this and attempted to enter me through my tear ducts as my eyes began to burn!  What was this insidious odor?  From what demon spat from the bowels of some ancient purgatory did this emanate from?  Through an opaque haze of undulating Hellstench, did it's source materialize...
There. at the check cashing station did stand the source!  Or at least, the unfortunate host body for this creature of  Brimstone belching brethren!  The poor soul was obviously a twice exposed victim of fashion collateral damage!  She had fallen prey to two of the perpetuated myths generated by the fabricators of "High Fashion".  First, was her belief that spandex was "slimming" as it appeared as if a novice Germany Butcher, over zealously,  attempted to stuff way to much filling into  far to small a casing and second, that "musk" perfume was attractive!  And not only that, she apparently believed that if a little musk was sexy then a whole lot would be irresistible!
The whole store smelled as if it had been visited by the offspring of a rabid Wolverine and Skunk pairing that was intent on marking every inch of space! 
Not unlike a hapless soldier victim of a German Gas attack I navigated the store frantically as if in a cloud filled trench, secured my coffee as quickly as I could, through two dollars on the counter, bid the teller good fortune and a silent prayer that she would herself survive the onslaught, and left unceremoniously!  Exiting the store, my bodes instinctual reaction was to inhale deeply, a desperate bid for the relief of fresh air!
Sorry, been reading a wee bit of H.P. lately.
 Saturday was another fun filled day!  Sent several rides to new homes!  The single speed Free Spirit didn't last more then two hours after opening!  It would have sold sooner, but the new parent had to leave rather abruptly the first time around as his fellow travelers were in an obvious rush to get home.  The Ladies Schwinn hybrid (that stayed here far longer then I had anticipated) went home with a very appreciative lady, who in turn gave us a SWEET Sun Cycle three wheeler in trade!  Both the Haro BMX'er didn't last long either!  The Haro 100.3 sold about ten minuets after we opened to a gent who was waiting on me when I got in.  He was actually my alarm clock that morning, as he called at 8 am wondering when we were open.  Originally he had come in to buy the White Haro, but opted for the newer one, which was OK, because about fifteen minutes after  he left one of our regulars came in and bought it!  We would also like to thank all the folks who came in and picked up (most) of the left over repairs!  Was getting a little hairy their for awhile as far as "room to move!"  So we are chock full of space for all the NEW repairs I am sure are just chomping at the bit to come in!    We managed to put out six new goodies as well (a record for us on a Saturday) and have four left (pic'd below) So give 'em a looksy!
Saturday night was FUN!  Angi and I, beginning to somewhat spoil ourselves, went for another night out.  Once I arrived home from work I was treated to another wonderful surprise by my lovely wife.  She clandestinely, had ordered me a new T-shirt online (yes, a clean t-shirt IS dressing up for me) this one a "Browncoats, Serenity Valley" shirt (yes, from Firefly) to be proudly worn and shown off for the evening.  Her and I make quite the pair when we go out.  She always look gorgeous and high class in whichever outfit she chooses and I am fortunate if my pants don't have oil stains in the knees!   We were looking forward to a Mexican Dinner in downtown Dunedin with an after dinner drink at Flanagan's Pub, but upon arriving realized that is was waiting room only, with an obvious 2 hour wait!  They had a live, in store acrobatic act going on (?) and even if we could have gotten in, I don't know what I thought about eating while a spandex clad lady hovered over my enchilada's!  So we began to walk the sidewalk looking for a second choice and happened upon the new bookstore that recently opened up on Main Street.  "Back In The Day Books" is new to the area, and we saw it last Saturday when we went out but got there to late.  This time they were open and we popped our heads in.  It's a cute little "hole in the wall" shop but clean, orderly and stocked with an eclectic array of titles, both old and new intermingling on the shelves.  The lady operating the counter was very sweet, a retired librarian, and was very charming in her demeanor to customers.  Angela found a first printing of an Anne Rice she was missing and I, a sucker for old pulps and hard broiled detective novels was thrilled to find an original, 2nd printing hardcover of Dashiell Hammet's, "The Thin Man"!  
After the visit we meandered down the road and happily found a back table at Flanagan's and ordered up some Irish fare.  We joined in on a variety of Irish sing along with the crooner on stage and hefted back a couple pint's. 
All in all a very pleasant evening! 
And now to today!  Got more goodies to pound out, so I think I have jabbered enough!
See ya all soon!

ONY $320.00!!!
ONLY $25.00!!!
20" BMX!!
ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $35.00!!

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  1. Hey, congrats on meeting Boe Rushing (Back in the Day). He has a great little shop right downtown, and we always find something we didn't know we couldn't live without, every time we visit. A-hem. Now then...

    If you are serious about books. That is, Very Serious About Books, then you need to know that this upcoming weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 14th, 15th and 16th), is the weekend of the annual Antiquarian Book Fair at the Coliseum in St. Pete. God's loving gift to the literate. Mind numbing. Overwhelming. And it's gotta lotta books, too! I've even found one of my own in there.

    But I'm not getting old!