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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sign of the Times

So, Ok, anyone following this blog will know that a few months back I broke down from the families incessant hinting towards the benefit of cable and signed up.  For those of you just tuning into the Blog, " A few months back I broke down from the families incessant hinting towards the benefit of cable and signed up."  So now we are all caught up.
Personally I don't watch much of it.  2000 channels and 99% of it is crap.  If I ever do plop down it's to watch documentaries or "true crime" and forensic shows.  (the two series I do currently watch with Angi, we do so on Hulu).  So with that in mind you will hopefully forgive me if what I am about to talk about may be "old news" to some of you.  As we were watching "Forensic Files" last night, the commercial brake was coming on and before I tuned it out I noticed something heart warming!  The opening shot of a "Honey Maid" (known for snack foods)commercial was two men playing with an infant and they were clearly not beer buddies changing a diaper during halftime!  The commercial, running under the tag line "No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will", goes on to show an interracial couple with children, and a family fathered by a tattoo covered gent, looking fresh out of a Thrash Metal band, gleefully playing with his wife and cute little girl. 
The connotations of the commercial are blatant and brilliantly portrayed!  in a scant 32 seconds you enter the lives of families, while not the iconic image of what a family is supposed to be, are clearly loving, well adjusted and wholesome.  THAT'S the point.  Oh sure, the makers of this product in conjunction with their advertisers are profiting from the shifting demographics of many of our countries family types.  But that's what advertisers do!  More importantly, for an inter-national company to look at the shifting landscape and make the bold choice of recognizing that change, in a national ad campaign, AND tagging it with the word "wholesome"?!  They are my heroes!  They know how the American mind works.  When watching an ad, we half listen. Our mind strives to tune out the words, and only processes half the images.  Like with any good story you have to make the first paragraph the reader reads have punch.  SO they opted to show a tender image of two gay men caring for an infant, then as your mind begins to process that image, they put in the tag line with a vocal emphasis on the word "wholesome".  Your mind cannot help but cross reference the image of two gay men caring for a baby as "wholesome"!  BRILLIANT!  I applaud this company (and sadly such social conscience is so scarce in companies nowadays) for their brave attempt to make the Heartland and bible belt possibly rethink their theology the next time they are toasting "S'mores" on their next camp out.  All I know is the next time Angi and I go shopping we will (as I stood up and exclaimed while applauding the commercial the first time I saw it) buy as much "Honey Maid" products as we need!
America needs more of this.  As supporters of gay rights, gay marriage and the right for gays to adopt (are you LISTENING FLORIDA!!!!) Angi and I were pleasantly amazed by this recognition.  I say "recognition" because I have ALLWAYS hated the term "acceptance".   It's a lot like saying "I except that a frog is an amphibian"  How do you "Accept" something that nature created?  They just "are". it's a shame you have to get the majority of the population to "recognize" what is! 
I grew up in the 70's and 80's when homosexuality was a taboo subject portrayed only occasionally in traditional superficial "flaming" stereotypes for comedic relief.  Yes there still is some of that around but slowly a balance is being achieved.  With the advances that have been made in a few of our states legalizing marriage, it's only a matter of time. 
Sorry, have to cut this short.  Has been getting real busy this morn and I gotta get at it!
See ya soon!
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  1. See? THAT'S why I only go to the bathroom during the programs. Otherwise, you miss all the good stuff!