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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let Me Show You My Selected Briefs....

OK.  Yesterday was a series of fits and starts resulting in very little actually getting built. 
Mind you, the distractions were welcome ones, as we had many new folk discovering us with nothing but nice things to say as friends and relatives had referred them.  Sent three rides to new homes, and picked up several more to play with!  One of which has already sold while still on the rack!  That, coupled with the slew of new repairs and I have my work cut out for me today!  SO I will keep this brief!
Last night was movie night.  With very few to pick from that we haven't seen ("Frozen" doesn't come out until next week) we opted for "After Earth".  Mind you, I am a Will Smith fan, and think his acting chops have only improved with age.  Epitomized in "The Pursuit of Happyness", however his penchant for promoting his son?  Enh.  I hope the kid keeps working at it, but I have to be honest when I say I think he overdoes it a little.  The movie itself is a 2 out of 5 star movie.  Many critics panned it, predominately for similar reason I would, but I couldn't be that harsh on it.  M Knight Shyamalan's directing gave it an intriguing pace. filled with a lot of traditional sentiment, while at times rudimentary and predictable,  did have tension mounting moments.  My biggest problem with it (and many Sci FI movies to date) is the obvious lack of thought given to the science part with  more emphasis on the fiction!  With the ever evolving abilities of special effects, the basic thought is "if you can think it up we can present it".  So more "WOW" over doing the previous.  Truly, the only movie I have seen in years that got the science "dead on" was "Gravity". OH boy!  Check that gem out, but don't forget your Dramamine!  "After Earth" gave more thought to the genesis of the set design (a combination of interactive technology and organic textures) then the adversaries!  SPOILER ALERT.  in short.  A thousand years before. man had effectively made Earth uninhabitable (global warming) and survivors fled the surface to a new world.  Turns out, there was an alien race on that world and sought to destroy humanity.  Now here's the rub!  They did so by unleashing hordes of genetically engineered monsters to hunt down and destroy humans.   OK, so here we go with the mindless killing machines, again.  Would that really be an effective weapon?  But that's not the biggest "????".  These creatures are blind.  Bred that way.  They seek out humans by sniffing out their pheromones.  Again....Why? Would breeding a monster with an inherent handicap be very wise?  Some dinosaurs had incredible olfactory senses but they could still see when they got to the prey!  Now I'm not a maniacal genius or anything but if I were an alien race looking to destroy humanity and I had advanced bioengineering capabilities, I think I'd visit accounting, check the books on "Material acquisition" and say to myself "WOW!  Just the raw biomass required to make ALL these HUGE monsters is astronomical.  Perhaps, we catch us a human, do some diagnostics and find out just how frail these little guys are , then develop a bio toxin to quickly and effectively spread the virus and wipe them out.  Yea, I know, no "Spielbergean" moment of graphic "WOW!"  but a much more effective way to do the job!   Anyway, with only a few small moments of "Icky" this is a good film to watch with the family!
Allright, now I am getting busy so I gotta 'git!
See ya soon!

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