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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Forbidden Planet!

What a classic!
Last night Angi finally gave in and opted to humor me.  As we were having our usual evening of hanging out at the dinner table after the kids were tucked up in bed and the boys and I were done having our regular nightly game of Magic, I convinced Angi into coming into our bedroom and settling down.  Having tried to get her interested several times before, she actually suggested it!  I realize she was doing so to humor me, because she realizes I enjoy the old school crudeness of it, and even though she was willing to give it a shot (I've tried several times recently, but couldn't convince her) she still seemed resistant.  But,  I put it in and after a while she seemed to relax and even stared to get into.   Let's face it, all the new fangled productions are flashy and a lot of fun, but there is just something very appealing about the raw almost primeval enjoyment of  it!  Guy's if your into that sort of thing, for your next date night I strongly suggest you locate it and convince your significant other to give it a shot!  You will NOT be disappointed!
Thanks to several folks who came in and picked up their repairs!  Once again it was starting to get tight in here!  But now we got room to breathe!  Put out another three!  Yea, I know, not to many but one of them is an old school Panasonic road bike that needed A LOT of TLC!  But "Golly Bob HOWDY!" does she look sexy!  Also, another "Daily Banger Special!"  in the form of a sweet 26" dual shock MTB!  And topped it off with a real cute 16" boys Schwinn. 
Today, we have the newest batch of repairs then once we bang through them already have the new builds lined up!  Starting to put a real dent in "Bone Row"!
So without further adieu, I'd best get at it.
See ya soon!

ONLY $30.00!!
ONLY $85.00!!
PANASONIC 2000 XR-2000!!
ONLY $240.00!!

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