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Monday, March 24, 2014

Any Given Sunday....

And playing the part of the football?  Take your choice of kid!
So..... every Sunday we do the "all hands on" fluff and stuff of the house.  By "all hands on", I of course mean Momma, me... and to some extant Logan. The others engage in various bouts of "its not MY mess!"  and "How come I have to do EVERYTHING?!"  This of course becomes old, quickly and those of  a "pissin' and moanin'" inclination serve out the remainder of the cleaning cycle with face firmly in a corner. 
Recently Kaleb decided he was going to rearrange the older boys side of the room into a subdivided "Man's Cave" in response to the eternal bemoaning perpetuated by all the boy's of "you're on our side of the room!" Angela had ran an invisible line down the room utilizing the sofa as the international border.    Owen decided he wanted to duplicate set up and commenced to move furniture.  Well, as he weighs about 70 pounds soaking wet, you can imagine the difficulty he had trying to move a heavy wooden bunk bed set.  He did manage to push their bureau up against the back of the couch, which led to one of the most petty arguments I have heard in some time!  This one is SO bears repeating! 
As Owen was moving the furniture, Kaleb sat on the couch (on the older boys side, mind you) with his hand resting over the back of the couch.  As Owen pushed the bureau against the sofa, Kaleb looked on, refusing to move his hand as his it was "on HIS side!".  Owen, not deterred, pushed the bureau tight up against the back of the couch pinning Kaleb's hand, resulting in him releasing an angry growl and muffled profanity.  As I was sitting in the Living Room folding clothes, I bound into action!  Kaleb was giving Owen the stink eye, his hand still pinned, as if it was held in the steely grasp of a bear trap!  Once I was informed of the situation and growing tensions, wanting to avoid a bloody cross border conflict, I made the declaration once and for all to properly determine the exact borderline and broker a peace accord, however tenuous it may be.  SO, with the assistance of my lovely aide and fellow negotiator, miss Angi, we took out the measuring tape and determined the rooms exact median!  Repositioning the sofa and older boys bed at the very edge, I gingerly removed Kaleb's hand from its bindings and informed him, should, in the future, he choose to rest his hand on the back of the sofa, his fingers would be in violation of the current Peace accords, and void the "non-aggression pact" achieved at this current Summit Talks! 
We have now achieved an uneasy cease fire.
As we moved on, Owen removed his mattress and box spring in an attempt to make the load lighter.  It was at this point I realized just what I would be doing the remainder of the day!  Several loads of laundry had been packed and shoved underneath their bed in such a way as to question the laws of "Mass versus Volume: in effect creating a spatial anomaly!
Even though we had weeded and organized just a short time ago, it was well apparent that we needed to do it again!  So for the next few hours we not only sorted through all those (lo and behold I discovered where all my socks and underwear were disappearing to!) but also had Rozy empty out her closet and bring all that out for us to sort!  It quickly dawned on me (and this is NOT an exaggeration) that each girl has enough clothes that they could wear a different out fit each day of the week and not wear they same thing twice,  for four months!  The sad part is, that as she refuses to clean her room, the closet is SO disorganized that they end up wearing the same things all the time!  They just pull the clothes from the clean laundry each day!  And they have some really cute outfits! 
As mentioned briefly on Saturday, Elijah is headed up North.  Well, he's technically up North already, finishing up  a job in Connecticut, then it's on to Brockton Mass (about 25 miles south of Boston) Where they start work on Sunday.  It appears as if he has downtime this weekend and had planned to travel to Red Bank, New Jersey and do a little "Kevin Smith" sojourn, visiting both "Jay and Silent Bob's secret stash and  the "Quck-E-Mart" immortalized in  Smith's earlier works IE: "Clerks" "Chasing Amy", "Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back" etc.  As we talked this morning he brought up the idea of taking the train from Brockton to Red Bank.  It will probably take a little longer, but the more we discussed it the more I became excited for him.  THIS was the kind of adventures I had hoped he would be able to enjoy on this job, so I started doing a web search for him for schedules and times and hopefully I can get an itinerary for him before to long. 
Anyway, I'll let ya'll know how it works out!
On to business!
Saturday was a traditional one, thankfully!  Many a ride found their way to new homes!  Also managed to get in a few goodies as well!  We put out four newbies (selling one from the get go) and have more to do!  Special note: two of the ones we put out are consignments, and for a good cause!  Saint Nicholas church has a bicycle ministries that provide used bikes for the homeless.  Working through the Elks Club they take donations and a retired military volunteer rebuilds them.  Occasionally they get in bikes in "like new" condition and try and resell those to raise the capital to buy parts for the bikes they are rebuilding.  We offered our store front and services to sell them and ALL monies go to the cause!  So check 'em out below and if you are in the need of a solid MTB, then pay us a visit!  It's all for a good cause!
So, this week is Spring break!
That means the kiddo's are in-house for the week. 
In an attempt to keep the battles to a minimum, Kaleb is joining me at the shop this week.  I could tell first ting this morning when I woke him at eight am the unbridled joy he felt with the knowledge that he would be with me!  It was tremendously heart warming just how happy he was, he could barely contain his joy!  The way he rolled over, groaning and whining "but why do I have to go!?"  I knew that it was just his way of hiding the overwhelming euphoria he was experiencing! 
Really, really touches the heart!
Best get at it!  Got some heavy chores to do!
See ya soon! 

ONLY $85.00!!

ONLY $85.00!!
ONLY $175.00!!

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  1. Hey, the children are our future! Or reminders of our past. Well, your past. Not mine, so much. And as much as you grouse about 'em, I do know for a fact how tough it is on you when one does manage to achieve orbital, if not escape, velocity.

    As for me, I can't wait to see what Kaleb does once he's running wild and free on Planet Earth. I look for great things there, and no, I am not being snarky. I mean that.