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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Manners Matters

OK, I'll fess up.  I am as guilty as the next man for falling prey to stereotyping.  The other day we had a gent come in, said our hello's and he went about browsing.  My first impression, given his "hip" attire was that he was perhaps a man of the "street".  No, not homeless, more "hip hop".  As I was conversing with another customer at the time,  I gave him acknowledgement, then I went back to my other customer.  Once that was completed, I asked him if there was anything I could do for him.  At this point he shattered my preconceived notions, as he spoke the "King's English" very clear with no hint of slang.  As it turns out, he had come in with a repair request, but as he recognized I was with another customer, he patiently waited his turn.  He went out, retrieved his ride, and began walking me through the perceived issues.  As we were talking another gentleman walked in.  He was dressed very sharply, with dress shirt, tie and slacks, clean cut, neatly shaved,  very business like....and just started talking.  No excuse me, no preamble or greeting, just matter of fact "pay attention to me....NOW!  The first gentleman took one step back, smiling a patient smile but it barely hid his disapproving annoyance.  Once I answered the second gentleman's abrupt inquiry he left with not so much as a good day.  I tuned back to the other gent shaking my head, only to notice that he was doing the same,  "it's sad what is happening to the world today" was his response.  I agreed and then he added that he had been in the hotel service industry for some years, and has noticed how quickly manners, etiquette and conversation have diminished.  Again, I could not agree more.  Quite frankly, I exclaimed, I blame the creation of our new forms of communication.  Most folks communicate more with computers and cell phones then with a confab over coffee!  And when you are constantly texting, everything becomes abbreviated.  Sadly I think that has bled into the way we talk in person.  Hardly anyone says please, thank you or may I anymore.  Everything is matter of fact and to the point.  You don't have to "wait your turn" or be patient when you are texting someone, so why do it in person! 
Yes, I do utilize texting, but as my wife will often comment, I am "wordy" when I do so.  Even worse, is that she cannot receive some of them because they are too long.  That's because I hardly ever use abbreviation or "acronyms"  (although from time to time I will use LOL or ROFLMAO).  I give it ten years until grade school curriculum will mandate that each child takes a semester of "language and communication skills" to combat this epidemic! 
ANYWHO!  There was really no point to all that, just making conversation!
We did manage to put out two yesterday but I will not bother you with the particulars because they sold even before I could get a pic of them!  I have one almost done, in my rack, that is turning out to be quite a looker!  She's a "Big Boy" Panasonic DX2000 road bike and is in BEAUTIFUL condition, and she has some of the prettiest Shimano 600 components I have seen! 
Once that is done, it's back to the repairs and get them taken care of, as I picked up a lot more goodies yesterday I want to get out!
So without further ado, On to the show!


  1. Dare ya to keep a squirt gun on hand so you can spray bad customers like bad cats.

    No, it won't help, but it would be darned funny.

  2. Heh, Heh! Especially if it's vinegar water!!!

  3. Wait, wait, wait- EVEN BETTER:

    Keep a supply of Dunedin Cyclery business cards on hand and send the rectal orrifice types to them. A perfect match.

  4. OUCH!!! Ok, Ok Uncle Chippie, I gotta call a foul on that one! As funny as it is, please understand we may poke fun at "boutique bike" shops, but we never mention them by name unless I am giving them a high handed kudos. We learned early on what it felt like to be bad mouthed by the competition for no other reason then "being" the competition. We don't like to play that game.
    heh, heh...But it WAS funny!

  5. I stand by my assessment, but you have every right to delete or censor as you see fit. This is your blog, not my soapbox.

    And yeah, it would be hilarious to really do that.

  6. And that my friend is the TRUE meaning of Democracy. Everyone's entitlement to their own opinion and voice! And no, I do not censor or delete any comments made here! Unless of course it's useless spam!

  7. A friend of mine once famously said that America is a great country where anyone can stand up and scream, "I'M AN IDIOT!!!"

    I exercise that right frequently.