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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The lone, mornful cry of a solitary raven...

Yesterday was as quiet as a....

From the first few moments of opening up the skies did the same and we were cursed with torrential rains all bloody day!  I cannot blame anyone for not coming in, it was HARSH!  And of course with the weather reports shouting out hurricanes and tornado warnings, that didn't help.  I did however use the time wisely (short of briefly reading a few pages of one of the Mickey Spillane detective novels I got in the mail via E-Bay) to get caught up on all our repairs as well as put out two new beauties.  And what gems they are!  The first is a Schwinn Range "Cross".  Now don't get all "Ewwww! Wal-Mart Schwinn!?"  This is a way before Wal-Mart, quality Schwinn Hybrid, or "Cross".  A Cross is that which predates the hybrid.  But this one, while a classic, is still in excellent shape.  Well...NOW it is!  Also, and this one was the biggest surprise of the day, A Trek 730 Multi-Track hybrid.  When I picked it up, I did so thinking I was going to part it out for the wheel set as the body looked SO rough!  All the...everything, was frozen up with rust, and it was covered in such filth that it appeared as if the body was rusted and scratched as well.  Fortuitously though, As I picked it up I had some rusticate and grease on my hand. When I placed it in the rack to perform it's striptease, I realized my cleaner soaked hand had removed a small layer of filth revealing a perfectly preserved paint finish!  Now with the shimmering dawn of hope, I quickly removed its parts and commenced to clean.  With what turned out to be very little effort, I uncovered an almost FLAWLESS original metallic emerald green paint job!  Also, as the majority of the components were alloy, they cleaned up perfectly as well.  Well, almost.  I did have to change out the headset and a few more minor pieces, plus all new cables, tubes and tires but in the end, we came away with one of the best looking classic Trek hybrids I have seen in a LONG time!! 
Not resting on our laurels, we have several more goodies to work on!  
Today, thankfully, looks to be cloud free and very sunny, so there is absolutely NO reason why everyone cannot come out and play!
See ya soon!

ONLY $145.00!!

ONLY $175.00!!!


  1. Good morning Steven,

    Have you sold the TREK 730 MULTI-TRACK? I am very interested. Please email me. I can give you a deposit over the phone and pick up on Monday after a test ride. Thanks.

  2. Sorry, but that one went quick. No surprise.