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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SO...They CAN work!

As has become the daily ritual around here, once school lets out, the elementary kiddos (Logan, Owen and Rozy) come to hang out at the shop with Daddy.  After the initial rush of chaotic greetings and the starving, parched pleas for snacks and drinks are placated, they are instructed to take out homework and hit the back room.  Well, yesterday when they arrived the slew of new goodies we got in over the weekend (that I was to busy with repairs to address yet) were piled up in the back hallway, blocking not only the entrance to their room, but the back door AND bathroom!  Fire hazard anyone?  I got the usual over dramatic expressions and animated "What The....?!"  to which I simply responded I don't have the time to deal with it now, and they would have to hang out quietly  in the front.  I think it was the "quietly" part that motivated them.  They inquired if they could move the bikes to the outside so as to get into their room.  I told them if they could work together and do it, sure!  To my surprise, with only a modicum of jockeying for managerial position they managed to get everything outside, orderly and even swept the hallway!  HA, HA!  Now I KNOW that they can clean their rooms without fighting! 
Yesterday was another Whiz Bang of a day!  The cruiser we picked up on Saturday (oh,,,sorry, the BLUE cruiser we picked up light blue cruiser we picked up Saturday) went home first thing with a returning gent who has diligently been visiting us to find the perfect bike.  He came in to look at the Schwinn Hybrid we picked up but settled on the cruiser, as it was a better fit.  Also got in another slew of repairs, and we will take the time to thank each and every one of you for your trust!  Also, thanks to all the folks who promptly came in and picked up the finished products.  One of them, unfortunately came back a few minuets later, though.  It was a young mans mountain bike, and he really likes to ride his bike hard.  As Dad was paying for the repairs (about the forth time this particular bike has been in for a variety of repairs) I tried to pinch them some pennies, and after replacing the majority of the drive train I kept the original cassette in the hopes it would hold up.  It didn't.  They brought it back stating that there was still a minor skip.  Thankfully, they understood my intentions, but Dad said just go ahead and give it what it needed.  He is a much more generous soul then I!  General rule around our house is, bicycle upgrades only when you outgrow them and if you want them fixed, I'll show you how to do it!
Managed to get out two new gems as well!  Check out below the absolutely gorgeous an scary-light Specialized Dolce Elite!  Also, a  "better then new" Men's cruiser!
Elijah seems to be slowly adapting to his new lifestyle.  Thankfully he still keeps in relatively frequent contact (texting with him as we speak) and his last few texts seemed less and less funereal and depressive.  We are now at the "matter of fact" stage.  Hopefully, he will soon see what a truly SWEET deal he has!  If he is anything like his old man it will be in a few weeks when he hits BOSTON!!  Yes, the lucky little bugger is going to the BEST CITY in all the known freaking worlds!  I told him he best get me a T-Shirt!  Lucky little.....
I'd best get my buns a waggin!
See y'all soon!

ONLY $530.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!!

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