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Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's What Happens When Texts and Phone Calls Compete!

So, last night I got embroiled in an ongoing multi-device, multi-player conversation that, quite frankly,  I had no business coming in the middle of! 
I'll set the stage.
Elijah, whilst stumbling about the globe, had a stop in Boston (and Brockton) this week.  Apparently his itinerary called for some down time at the end of the week and he had originally planned a pilgrimage to Red Bank, New Jersey ( see posting for Monday, March 24th for the whole skinny).  I did inform him, while he was in Boston, he should contact his grandmother and aunt and try and schedule a visit. This request was acknowledge with an uncommitted "yeah" but I left it at that.
As he is prone to be permanently linked with Facebook (check it out if your interested in what he had for dinner that night, there's pictures!) his Aunt picked up on is presence in the North and informed my Mother.
Now, here's where it gets hazy.  See, I am one of the worst when it comes to keeping in touch with my extended family.  Months will go buy without me talking to them, and it usually results in them getting in touch with me should something arise that requires my knowing.  Quite frankly, years back, that was originally why this blog got started!  It was a way for my family to keep abreast of everything going on in our family without me having to make the effort of repeating the same story several times over!  God bless the Internet! 
So, whenever  my family has to contact me they contact my beloved wife.  At one point, my mother didn't even have my number!  As a result of this, Angela knows much more of what's going on in my family then I do!  She tells me tidbits, that she thinks my muddled mind can absorb, but retains an impressive store of everything else that is and has gone on in my family for generations (were it not for her I would have forgotten every ones birthday this year...and last...and the year before that!)
Anyway, (and please, the sequence of events are still rather hazy to me, so I am probably not getting it all right) through a series of "snarky" text's my mother communicated with my sister and in turn with Angela trying to determine exactly why Elijah had not contacted them when he arrived in Boston. As it turns out, his company set an appointment in Michigan, cutting his downtime.  Of course, Angela, the diplomat, politely tried to dissuade their feeling of neglect and get to the bottom of it.  Unfortunately, communication with Elijah can be choppy.  As he works third shift, but travels at all hours, its a crap shoot to get him on the phone.  Once I arrived home last night, they were passing texts back and forth on a delay and Angela informed me that I needed to contact my mother and let her know why Elijah may have not contacted them.  Well, in true Yankee tradition, my text was short, curt, sarcastic and to the point.  in effect " Elijah is an adult now.  I am no longer his social secretary, he probably just got busy."
I figured that would clear it up.
First off, Angela, the true southern socialite, felt my response was way rude. And my mother (apparently having received pretty much the same synopsis from my sister, informed me I needed to communicate with her)
Oh, it got all kinds of confusing.
As we went out later that evening to the store, Angela received a few more communiques and informed me that I needed to contact my Mother and smooth things over.  Unbeknowst to her, but knowst to me, was the fact that when she was in the bathroom getting ready, I had already talked with my mother, and in fact, smoothed things over.  Apparently the text she read was outdated, for when I called my mother, repeating what I had said earlier, she in effect responded "DUH! Call your sister!"
Which I did, at that point having a great chuckle with my Sister about just how screwed up the whole scenario was!  I love my sister.  I'm the male version of her! And we both get our "snarkyism" from our Mother!
If any of you understood any of that your smarter then me!
Yesterday allowed a slight reprieve from inclement weather and folks took advantage of it!  The Kitty Hawk went home with a grateful young lady having graduated from a 20 inch right into a 26! Sent one of the "charity" rides home with one of our regulars.  The 29'er cruiser didn't last five minuets after opening, finding a home with a multi-visiting gent who has been in search of the perfect size for him for awhile now.  The Hyper 20" BMX became the property of a grateful young man who had originally came in with his dad to get one of the lesser priced ones we had had previously but sold a few weeks back, apparently having lingered on Craigslist after I thought I deleted it.  Sorry for inadvertently misleading you, but we gave them a break on price because of it. Also sent the other charity ride home (at least for the week) with a gent visiting from London.  I really appreciate the fine kudos he heaped on us as apparently our rental "buy back" program is unheard of over there.  I have heard that those in the biking industry in England are even more snobbish then some of the "boutique bike shops" over here!  WOW!  That is so hard to believe possible!"
As always, thanks for the daily slew of repairs and your trust!  Not to mention the flurry of referrals we keep getting.  Many folks new to the area are being turned on to us by family, friend and casual acquaintances!  SWEET!
We managed to get only one new one out yesterday but she is a peach!  This one is a Schwinn Tourist commuter heavily upgraded!  New sealed bottom bracket, full Tektro brake replacement, upgraded crank, grips, integrated shifter, seat, cables, tubes...etc, etc!  Yea, we went overboard!
Today we have a ladies cruiser in the rack with another to go then s couple MTB's given to us by Bullet!
So I got a lot to keep me busy, better have at it!
(plus, I scored BIG TIME on Ebay, getting the entire "Looney Tunes" library on DVD for a SONG! Yes, I am building bikes and happily reliving my childhood!)
What could be better?

ONLY $185.00!!

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