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Friday, March 21, 2014

With or Without Raisins?

My brain feels like freaking tapioca!  Yes, it's that time of month again! No, not that time of month, it's the time of the month when we give away money to the State of Florida for the pleasure of further compromising my sanity and impeding my already tenuous grasp on reality! Yes, it's that moment when I take the 7% each and everyone pays when they purchase something and hand it over to the faceless robber barons to, presumably line some enormous mattress or perhaps pay for "corporate outings" at one of Tampa's many fine  "Gentleman's Club's"!  Oh I would rather flatten my "wedding tackle" at the kitchen table with a ball peen hammer each morning for breakfast, then have to deal with these disorganized, bureaucratic numbskull's!  Now, at this point some of you may be asking "didn't we have to hear this already?!"  Well, yes, but each time,  just when you think it couldn't get anymore ridiculous, they throw in  new twists to make your mind become akin to a Salvador Dali print! 
After last months fiasco with trying to pay our taxes, I opted to sign up for E-File.  Everything done on the computer, no fuss no muss!  Or so I thought.  Turned out they had ample fuss with a hearty side dish of muss!  Once enrolled, they gave me a print out of all the info and "code numbers" I would need to make the payments.  Then, in traditional redundancy, they mailed me similar information but in the form of a three page script, presumably as to what the automated service would say and questions they ask when you called.  In the script were blank lines where one enters in the variety of codes.  OK, simple enough. 
heh, heh... or so I thought.
Once it came time to pay the taxes this month, I called the number on the form and entered into a pre-recorded mire.  About half way through the three pages I hit a roadblock.  Seems one number, in particular, was incorrect.  The number they sent me.  After three tries, I gave up the ghost and called the "helpline"
heh,heh....Apparently "help line" translates into "hold on while I transfer you"!
Three separate numbers, five transfers and several scratched heads later, I ended up talking to an intelligent, well informed and pleasant woman who surprisingly knew exactly what the problem was!  I got a huge laugh out of her when I exclaimed " WOW!  you are intelligent, polite and well organized, why the hell are you working there!?"
She explained to me that the script they sent was for telephone payments.  The first three codes are the same for both telephone and online but the remainder are for complete filings online!  Three clicks later and I was right where I needed to be!
The past couple of days have been a whirlwind of activity, sending home at least seven babies to new families.  And the building ha not abated, even though some of the new rides we are working on are proving to be bears!  After the repairs were done yesterday we were only able to get one out (sad face) a men's 26" dual shock "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!"  We got several more in trade yesterday, even though two had to just be parted out. 
So with that, I'd best get cracking!
See ya soon!

ONLY $80.00!!

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