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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Envelope Please...and the Winner Is...

Well yesterday was the day!  Friday the Thirteenth brought no misfortune or bad omens but rather was the day Angi and I had her ultra sound done and found out what color to get for clothing....
It's a...
But first...
I hesitate to mention this as I've been told that defending oneself to bad press may seem like your trying to deny a truth.  HOWEVER, I've always felt that to remain silent in the face of slander is to only invite speculation.  And as has been quoted by other more learned folk, "A person is more likely to tell of a bad experience then a good one".  Occasionally I check out our listing online, updating when necessary, and on Google and yahoo they allow space for customers comments.  A useful tool, as it gives us direct input as to where we may make improvements or continue to focus on what folks like.  As google is the most commonly used we get most of our info there.  The majority of the reviews are quite glowing (Thank you very much!) but there are two recent entries that have me a tad bit stumped.
They are as follows..

Nice enough people but dishonest, unorganized and irresponsible. The owner wrote down and charged me for ordering new parts from his catalog and labor (before he even began work). Two weeks later (I had to call him, he never called when it was finished) he tells me its ready but of course it wasn't, come to find out he used old cheap parts in his shop rather than ordering the parts I paid for.. and he never refunded me. I gave him another week and paid more to finish the work only to end up with the same scenario.. twice! His excuse was he forgot what we had discussed and which parts we ordered (even though he wrote it down twice) ... he refused to refund me. I ended up paying over 200 bucks for old rusty parts and a simple repair!! I will have to order the rest of the parts from Amazon and install them myself. RE-cycle is a decent place to buy a cheap used walmart bike that may or may not work.. but for anything else expect to be ripped off.

A racket! I bought a bike from them and discovered I liked riding. So, 2 months later we took the bike in to see if they would make us an offer to buy it back so I could upgrade. The guy told me the wheels were warped. Well, if they were he sold it to me like that. What a jerk! I went and bought a new bike from a REPUTABLE bike shop!

It took me a while to figure out who the first one was, and I will mention no names, but he was the only one to have work similar to what was described done.  And I can't figure out the harsh words as he was quite excited when he picked up his bike.  I'll address the concerns in order.  Yes, whenever ordering parts we collect the cost of the parts up front as we have to pay in advance, and should a customer change their mind it is quite difficult (and costly) to return the items. he paid for the remainder of the work in advance of his own volition.  The bike was brought in for a full refurb, and modifications.  He had ordered a new seat and grips but was informed that the handle bars, kickstand, and brake and shifters would be re-furbed in order to save him money (remember our name is RE-Cycle, because that's what we do) In regards to the second time?  as far as the not calling?  We have since changed policies, but then when work was done we would call a customer and in most cases be forced to leave messages.  He did not respond to the message until a week later. When he did come in, his only concern voiced to us was that he decided he wanted fenders (which was only discussed initially in passing, never collected for) He wanted brown fenders to match his bike, but I had to inform him that our supplier only carried black and chrome, and that we could order black and paint them.  He stated that he could get them online himself.  So I have no idea why a refund would apply.  The total of his bill was $140.00.  That's for a new seat, grips, replacement handle bars, shifters, brake levers, new cables and housings, new tires, new tubes, a full tear down, part's clean, reassembly, re grease all bearings and a tune up. Obviously NOT a simple re-pair.  I did it for cost, plus labor because he told me the bike had sentimental value as it had been his fathers.
As the saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished"
As to the second entry?  Well that one is just pure vitriol.  Yes the gentleman had purchased a bike from us, He had it for a little more then four months, and considering the shape it was in, did some mighty harsh riding.  The rear wheel was bent so bad that it couldn't make a full rotation without jamming up against the brake.  He wanted full credit for what he paid for it, in cash.  I informed him that our buy back policy is 50%, which he was none to thrilled with and left angry.  Obviously he sought revenge.
Yes, I'm well aware of the ideology regarding it's business, not personal, but our family takes a great deal of pride in what we do, and put our heart and soul into this little enterprise.  So it is personal!
The temps dipped WAY below yesterday, so things were a little quiet yesterday.  Although in the early hours we do have David to thank for falling in love with the OCC chopper.  You are now officially the coolest kid in your neighborhood!! And Danny for snatching up the slick Ocean Pacific cruiser, a VERY good choice, my good sir!  And to a returning customer who up graded his ride to the Giant Chinnok, from the Huffy Rival he picked up a few months back.  Definitely an upgrade!
Managed to put out two of the highly requested ladies bikes, and am building more today!  Check out the pic'c below.
So with that I bid you a good day, and hope you wrap up real warm and come in and pay us a visit!

Now what is it that I'm forgetting.....
Oh yes!
Her name is Miranda.

ONLY $45.00!!!

ONLY $50.00!!


  1. envio a CD.obregon, sonora Mexico? 85150

  2. Have not thought about it before. Our stock usually sells in under 48 hours. HOWEVER, if there is a type of bike(s) you need there let us know and we'll find out how much for shipping.