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Monday, January 23, 2012

You Can Lead An Old Horse To Water...

But You Can't Teach It New Tricks!
Or is that "Worth two in the bush"?
Well once again a BANGER Saturday!  Had an all to familiar conversation with a less then trusting gent though.  Can't say as I blame him, as when I discuss with potential new bike owners the shelf life of the majority of our bikes, some look at me as if to say "oh, come now!  Surely you can't be serious?!"  Well, I am.  And please don't call me Shirley. They think perhaps I am "Pulling the wool over their leg" and it's all a pitch.  Well this gent in particular scoffed, and made a counter offer for the Schwinn Voyager which was just slightly more then I paid for the darn thing.  I politely declined but made a more realistic counter offer.  Again he guffawed, and stated "I'll be in next week when it's been here for awhile.  You'll take my price."  And with an air of affluence (or is that flatulence?  I always mix those two up.) he departed.
WELL.  As if the fates themselves wished to prove my statements for me, the following happened...
Thanks to Arvin for snatching up the Mongoose XR-75, sweet little gem she was!  And to Melnesha for grabbing the cute little Pink Dyno BMX for her little girl!  She will now beat the pants off her brothers!!  And to Mario, a returning customer for picking out the Avalon to get to and fro the job!  Matthew picked out the Schwinn Voyager in question, not batting an eye realizing how GOOD the price was for this sweet ride!  Thanks to Andrew the PERFECT candidate for the Schwinn Continental Big Boy (as always...the bikes choose their riders) as he was, I think a Wookie stand in!  And to Sandy for picking up her third bike with us, the Vertical!
So in effect, we SOLD OUT of all our adult bikes shortly after the gentleman left.  But have NO fear, as I was busily slaving away to put out more goodies!  Those you'll see below.
AND!  got in MANY new goodies to choose from!  4 cruisers, 3 BMX's, 2 MTB'x and THREE Hybrids!!! YAY!  The gem clearly being the GORGEOUS Specialized Crossroads currently occupying my rack! 
And as always THANKS to all the weekend re-pairs coming in as well.  I will single one out, a cool little Fila Torino were overhauling for Chris to mention (and shamelessly exploit ourselves, and pimp the wonderful work we do) that he came here via one of those "other" bike shops in town.  He needs a variety of work done, parts replaced, etc.  When I tallied it up (more new parts then used) the bill came to $116.00.  I cleared my throat thinking it was a tad high.  He was jubilant and said "let's do it!" It was at this point that he explained the "other" shop he had just come from had estimated the exact same work and quoted him $360.00!!!!!  
say WHAT!?!?
See why we're so great? (tongue firmly in cheek)
Yesterday was family day.  unfortunately the kiddos slacked off this past week and come Sunday the house needed an overhaul.  But being the benevolent overlords we informed them if they could get it done by noon, we'd at least take them to brunch.  They needed a little help, but got it done.  And as we were in the area we stopped by the shop as Terry had a load of used lumber for the store upgrades he wanted to drop off.  I LOVE the barter system!  He gets my scrap and when I need stuff he scrounges it up for me! 
Now as an added bonus today (to the family that reads the blog to catch up on what goes on with their "big herd of black sheep") I caught a short video of what goes on in our house almost every night around dinner time!  So enjoy! 
And with that I'm back to work!
ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $85.00!!!

ONLY $70.00!!

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  1. Wow it's been a while. Glad to see that everyone looks like they are doing good. Congrats on the little one you had and have on the way. I sometimes miss those crazy days back in Clearwater. We just had our own little boy this past year in Nov. Hope you guys continue to do well and know that even though we haven't spoken for a while I have thought of all of you often. Tell Rozy the Tinker Bell dice are still hanging in our car. :)