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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our First Official Blogger RETRACTION!!!

In the interest of truth and fair play I feel compelled to update some incomplete info I gave in a previous blog (see "She did WHAT?!" Jan 5, 2012).  Seems that Mrs. Erin, Tiger Woods ex, was not all of the frivolous uber-rich spoiled brat that I had thought she was.  The demolition of the 12 Million dollar mansion in North Palm beach was, after all necessary.  Seems the gorgeous 20's mansion was in fact infested with termites and severely damaged.  As well as being out of date with current hurricane standards.  She will however rebuild a spread very close in appearance to the original.  And Further kudos to her, as she had given thirty days to Habitat For Humanity to come in and take out whatever they could use, before demolishing it.
So good on you, Erin!
(or to your PR Spin Doctors!)


  1. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when all the information isn't readily or immediately available.

    LOVE that she made the donation to Habitat! I bet they got some REALLY nice stuff (I mean, just LOOK at those WINDOWS!)

  2. Lord knows they can use te stuff! I worked for habitat for about 6 months. They do REAL nice work (depending of course who does the volunteer work) They do alot of poured concrete homes here in Fla that are AWESOME! And VERY energy efficient!