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Thursday, January 26, 2012

YO! GO Mo Joes!!!!

Anyone watching Craigslist or checking into the store may have realized that we haven't put out anything new in a few days.  Have no fear though, we have been BUSY!  We have plenty to work on bike wise, but right now we are concentrating on the shop upgrades! 
1) Shop has been FULLY repainted, as evident from the before and after pic's below.  Took me THREE coats on the walls to cover up all the tire marks and smudgy mechanics hand prints.
2) Placed our order for a multitude of new merchandise (yes I used the "N" word!) But we get requests every day for new tires, seat, locks and lights and so forth so we went whole hog on ya!
3) Should have credit card equipment by early next week!
4) Going out today with Dad to pick up material for counters and such and hopefully start building this afternoon!
So as much as a surprise to me as I am sure it is to you, everything going according to plan!
NOW!  I have to relate this little tale to you because not much in life surprises me anymore, and more so very little impresses!  But, a couple weeks back we received a menu/flyer from a recently opened "Family Dinning" restaurant.  Now we get things like this from time to time, however I was tickled by the name of the place "Mo Joes" (relating of course to the Power Puff Girls arch nemesis, "MoJo Jo-Jo", so I put it neatly with my China One menu.  A few days later as lunch rolled around and I felt to lazy to walk to one of the restaurants in the plaza, I figured I'd try out Mo Joes.  It's a real Burger and sandwich joint with a LOT of choices!  I ended up ordering Angi and I the "Avocado Movado" , REAL bread with REAL chicken breasts, blackened with tomatoes avocado and bacon with ranch dressing.  The awesome part was as the ingredients were fresh you could actually TASTE them!!  Now full in the thralls of pure lust we ordered again the next day!  JUST as good! 
Now here's the impressive mind blowing part. the next day the OWNER comes to our shop to introduce herself, find out about OUR shop and thank us for our business!
Knock me over with a feather!  I haven't seen that kind of GENUINE personalized effort to promote once business since...well I don't know when!  But instantly she made me feel....REAL!  All to often I'll go to a coffee shop, or to pay a bill, or have a sit down meal and the people are so stale and robotic.  It's you and them.  May as well be ordering online! But this woman, I felt as if I'd walked into her home, she greeted me warmly and I sat down to have a home cooked meal at HER dinner table!  It was THAT real! 
OK, OK I'll stop gushing.  But you HAVE to try them out at least once!  They're at 2169 North Hercules, Clearwater, FL 33765 (727) 733-0101.  Tell them RE-Cycle sent you!

REAL hand battered onion rings!!!!! This batch costs only slightly more then them rinky dink ones at the "OTHER" burger joints!
(oh, and they come with more...but I ate a few all ready!)

Now THAT'S a  LARGE fry!!!

So here's the before and after pics.  Yes we used the same color combo as Angie came up with it when we first opened and it has become our "Colors"! What up, Yo?

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