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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Origins of "Boy's Night Out"

After three weeks we think the kiddo's have finally got the hint!  As Sunday has long since been "Family Day" and as of the first of this year now encompasses ALL in the Family, Mom and Dad promised the children that we would get out of the house and do something special.
Provided that they didn't get into trouble for the week and that they did their chores and kept the messes in the house to a minimum.  Well, it took three weeks of being denied access to the outside world and spending all day Sunday cleaning for them to get the point.  They were very good this past week and did their utmost to keep their messes at bay.  So yesterday we treated them to a day out of bowling and lunch!  AH yes, Middle America Redneck FUN!  Seriously though, they really got into it.  Momma, even though her bowling form was somewhat handicapped, slammed out a couple of strikes!  The little guys were enjoying it for a while (at least until they discovered there was a game room) But Elijah, Logan and I had a bit of competition going there. Enough so that we've decided (for the time being at least) that we are going to have a "Boy's Night Out" on Wednesday and go pound out a couple of frames.  It gives them a chance to earn a treat twice a week, and helps Mom and Dad keep them in line when they know they'll miss out.  Mom will have a Girl's Night In to boot! 
Well Saturday, although rather brisk weather wise, still panned out to be a productive day!  Thanks to Jim and his bride for picking out the Trek 830 to explore with. Christine (although initially put off by our "scary" family photo at the top of the blog) came in and picked up the ladies DBS!  Chris and his family took home the sweet Nishiki commuter as he wants to use it as...a Commuter!  YAY!! A convert!  And he brought in a weathered, but salvageable Schwinn Voyager Hybrid (see below) that once FULLY refurbed, makes a welcome addition to the sales floor!  Micheal, after an intense inspection and road test, happily went home with the Schwinn World Sport!  And as always thanks to all the re-pairs coming in to fill out this mornings dance card!
Did ALLOT of buying as well!  The newest addition to our Scrap Guard, "Chuckles" brought in a trailer full!  5 count 'em FIVE three wheelers, an OLD Firestone and an OLD JC Higgins cruisers!  All of which need SERIOUS work, but welcome none the less!  Also got a GT Timberline MTB, 5 more BMX'er's, and assorted bangers, to numerous to count!
So I have a VERY BUSY day today, as well as meeting with my Dad to help in the "Coming Soon" renovations to the shop!
So with that, Hope to see you soon!!
ONLY $65.00!!
ONLY $145.00!!!
ONLY $70.00!!!

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