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Monday, January 30, 2012

Happiness Is A Full Slatwall

What a long way we've come.  It's been almost 4 years since we started this little "part time job until times get better".  And as I pause briefly in my day with a a sense of pride (and a tad bit arrogance) admiring our full slat wall and can't help but think to myself we did what they say can't be done.  And when I say WE I am not referring to just Angi and myself but EVERYONE who has chosen to come in and visit us instead of the corporate shops and box stores, so I extend to you all a very heartfelt "Thank You"! from the squishiest part of my heart! 
The BIG order came in today and I had to rearrange my day to clean off the wall and stock it all.  But it was a blessing of a chore.  When we first started we said we didn't want to deal with new parts at all, but that quickly became apparent that that was an impractical approach, if for nothing else but safety's sake!  And as time moved forward and many folks made many, many requests we came to realize we owed it to them to stock at least some of what they wanted at a price that they could deal with.  It's a real treat that in not being greedy some of our prices even beat Wal-mart! (hee hee)
So I give you some pics of the overflowing booty of goodies!
and also before I forget...
We're putting a call out for anyone who has in their family photo albums ANY picture from ANY era that has candid or even posed shots of folks riding bikes, or standing with them or even any with them in the background.  We are gearing up to decorate the showroom walls with all things bicycles!  Have some of our own stuff coming in, but would LOVE to feature yours!  Especially anyone reading from other countries!  That'd be a HOOT!  So please send 'em to the shop!

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