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Thursday, January 5, 2012

She did WHAT?!

As a fellow Floridian, a Human, and a person obsessed with the dark and twisted side of human avress I am APPALLED by the news I picked up on today.  Mind you, I don't pay to much heed to the tabloids, and aside from the occasional tidbits I catch from the headlines on the rags in the check out isle, I don't delve to deeply into the personal goings on of the various celebrity leches and self  aggrandizing publicity hounds (although I am vaguely aware of Kim's fake "Photo-op" wedding).
I found myself reading in full the news blurb on my homepage regarding the travesty committed in North Palm Beach Florida recently.  Apparently Elin Nordegren, ex-wife of Tiger Woods fresh off her financially lucrative divorce proceedings had recently made a substantial real estate purchase for twelve million.
(I will pause for a moment to point out something I'm sure many folks have rattled around in their brain.  Did it come to ANYONE as a surprise that an incredibly famous incredibly RICH twenty something MALE was NOT faithful to his wife?  I mean, come on!  An unknown incredibly poor working class twenty something male with fifty bucks in his pocket probably wouldn't be faithful if given a seconds chance!  Either that or she had dollar signs in her eyes.)
Seems our young miss Elin with her newly found windfall of 100 million (yea, you read that right) had, apparently on a whim, found a lovely, spacious 6 bedroom mansion over looking the ocean.  A beautiful affair with a wonderful view of the ocean.  Here's the charming little bungalow...

Well, as with any new owner of any new home you can't begrudge her the desire to make a few changes.  I mean perhaps the colors weren't right, or it needed fresh drapes, perhaps a remodel here or there.  Well with what I'm sure was some very rationally thought out plans she turned this other wise lovely home into this...

Sadly NOT a photo shop fake.  Yes seems she didn't like the house, but has of yet not decided what she wants in it's place. 
Is it just me, I mean am I being unreasonable to think that this was not just a TAD bit wasteful?
Really.  I think it would have been more poetic if she bought the home she lived in with Tiger.
On the work front.  As always, thanks SO MUCH to all the folks bringing in their repairs today!  Glad we could be of service.  Thanks to Paul for making the wise choice on the FS Elite.  And our best to Elizabeth as she drives off to college on the sweet 3-speed vintage Schwinn Collegiate.  Also Much thanks to the wonderful couple who were lucky enough to both find a ride in the Schwinn Ranger and low slung cruiser.  Also to Chet, riding off on the Royce Union BMX!  LOVE those "tired of walking" sales!  Also like to thank alll the calls, comments and compliments of late.  More and more folks are discovering the joys or Re-using!
Wish Elin had met us!
Managed to get out two new goodies today.  A super-clean dual shock MTB with front disc brakes.  As well as a classic 10 speed Giant Chinook cross-sport.  SWEET Big Boy ride! 
And yes, we bought a bunch more goodies today as well!  Couple more bangers, a sweet old school Schwinn BMX and a Redline BMX!  More and more to build!
Well, I must be off, as Momma took the kids to Subway for dinner and apparently Izzy snuck more then half of a couple of their soda's and is excessively wired at the moment!
ONLY $125.00!!

ONLY $85.00!!

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