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Friday, January 27, 2012

"It's been a LONG time since I used THAT group of muscles!

Well, after spending the last five years building bikes for a living I got to stretch my "Handyman" muscles again.  And it is with no mere sense of nostalgia and pride that I say...
I don't miss it.
In the least.
I have become complacent in my easy paced life of bike building while remaining in a relatively cloistered 10 square feet of space with the luxury of movies on demand.
BUT!  The shop looks SPANKIN'!  I must thank the following for their help and involvement in the whole journey.  First to Angie for her input, holding down the home fires and most of all for being understanding and forgiving in allowing me to keep working way past midnight!  To my dad for coming up with the designs (which I only altered slightly) and for toting my butt around to pick up all the materials.  (as well as allowing me to spring for a nice sit down lunch (which i realized was VERY hard for him to not grab the check) and having a nice walk down memory lane talk).  And to my step-mother Anita for LETTING my dad come out and play for a day.  To Elijah and Kaleb for helping their old man out on the build, and actually working without complaint.  Also thanks to the "Habitat for Humanity" store for being their with used building supplies!  Hey we RE-Cycle too!  That's right, the whole project was about 74% recycled material!  And thanks to Terry for scrounging me some choice refurbed lumber and for hauling away ALOT of scrap!
We are ALMOST done!  Have only a couple more things to build out but that will have to wait as tomorrow I HAVE to catch up on all the re-pairs piling up, not to mention we have sold out of ALL adult bikes!  ARRGH!!!  Not that I don't have a MOUNTAIN of material to pick from!  Bought 23 today alone!  SO it'll be another humdinger of a day tomorrow, I betcha!
All right, I best meander on, but will see ya'll tomorrow!

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