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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Worthwhile Rant Of Social import!

First, let me pre-qualify the following by stating that I learned along time ago to only voice your opinion when that opinion is derived by experience, study or involvement.  So as an individual that is not one of the spandex clad generation, but rather the "sit-on-your-but-eating-to-much-carbs-and-watching-far-to-many-movies-while-not-exercising" generation, I have some expertise on the matter!
I have NO ONE to blame for my overeweihtedness but me!
So unless you have a REAL glandular problem, you have no excuse for the following.
Anyone going to the mall, or grocery store have seen these people.  I saw one this morning at the kids school, of all places but I'll get to that in a minute.  They sit in their cars in the parking lot, with the window partially down barking orders at their little children of various young ages, as the child has to schlep into the store and do the shopping as momma sits in air conditioned comfort LOUDLY talking to whoever on the other end of their cell phone so that the whole world can partake in their conversation.  Eventually the child emerges from the store with a full cart laden down with a variety of snack cakes, pork rhines, and yo-hoo's.  As this spindly and emaciated child loads the trunk (conveniently opened by the cars occupant via the comfort of remote control) they look longingly at the food that they know they will never partake in.
Folks, I agree that children need to learn responsibility and be assigned chores.  BUT, one should not treat them as indentured servants!
As I was bringing the boys to school this morning (Rozy, unfortunately is home falling victim to the latest round of childhood icky's) we took our usual shortcut through an adjacent neighborhood who's access road empties out in front of the schools rear entrance.  Once their you must cross a busy two lane road.  There is no crosswalk, so one of the teaching staff stands on the opposing side to keep watch as many parents, not wanting to deal with the chaos of the main entrance, opt for this access.  the rule is that a parent MUST accompany the children across the road for safety sake.  A very reasonable caution.  Well after giving kisses and "have a good days", I crossed back over to head home.  Once over and headed home I noticed a car discharge it's passengers, two young boys about the same age as mine, and proceed to the roads edge.  The safety guard held up her hand and emphatically stated "you cannot cross without a parent!"  To this the car's drivers side window opened a crack and a bellowing voice retorted "What you MEAN they can't cross!?" The safety guard repeated the directive, and to this a rather large woman squeezed her bulk out of the car to the relived groan of the cars shocks, and stomped to the roads edge.  With finger pointing at the diminutive guard she began, in front of her children and several other young ones, and families assembled, an obscenity laced diatribe that continued even as she drove away!
What can you say to such a distasteful display?  Now I'm sure certain words of profanity have accidentally slipped passed my lips in front of my own children (*ahem*) but I mind my P's and Q's in front of others.  And why get upset at the individual who's job it is to keep YOUR kids and others safe? Because it inconveniences YOU in making you have to get your butt out of the car for a distance of 30 feet?
I quote John Hughes "they make you get a licence to drive, but any asshole can be a parent".
In  ever growing anticipation of the shop upgrades the boys came up to give me a hand catching up with re-pairs and stripping down some excess parts.  Terry got to haul away another truck load, much to his delight, and there will be more today.  Managed to put out two SWEET gems as well!  A GORGEOUS XL frame 2008(ish) Specialized Crossroads, FULLY rebuilt, and a Mongoose "Paver" 7 speed commuter.  Also got started on the "Panama Jack" cruiser (it's got a BOTTLE OPENER mounted to the forks!) that will be done shortly.  picked up many new goodies as well!  Two more hard tail MTB's, 24' Mongoose dual shock, and ANOTHER cruiser!  WAHOO!  So my work is cut out for me.
Should be starting to re-paint the shop tomorrow as we make way for the new counters and "re-pair corral" (in what  I'm sure will be a vain attempt at keeping the re-pairs separated from the stock so as to not confuse potential bike shoppers)
Well with that check out the newbies below and I'm back to work!
2008(ish) Specialized Crossroads "XL" frame Hybrid
ONLY $260.00

Mongoose "Paver" 7-speed Commuter
ONLY $110.00!!

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