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Monday, January 2, 2012

Asleep At The Wheel!

Well anyone reading this little self love fest of mine probably noticed that the column dedicated to "What's Still Here" is grossly out of date, and I apologize! Perhaps senility has hindered my commitment to excellence (*cough! cough!*) But I have remedied the situation. 
Today was a great start to the new year!  I thank all who contributed to the fun!  Elizabeth came in with her mom and picked out the wonderful vintage Schwinn 3-speed to return to college with.  Nostalgically it was the same kind of bike her mom road when she was a kid, color and all!  And a regular of ours came by yesterday to find out we were no longer open on Sundays but noticed the Hunter road bike I finished on Saturday and came back to trade up today.  I got a nice Pacific MTB in the deal and he got a faster ride.  thanks to Mary and her beau for bringing in the donations and the sweet DB MTB in for a full rebuild.  Sad what a few months in the elements can do to a bike!  But have no fear!  We'll have her new again in no time!  And thanks to the gent (sorry forgot his name...senility) for choosing a rebuild on the Schwinn MTB Ranger we picked up Saturday.  A friend of his has talked him into getting off his road bike for awhile and hitting the trails.  The REAL trails, for awhile. Wisely, he's not looking to invest a huge amount into the endeavor.  Smart man! And to the diminutive young lass looking for a college ride, is intrigued by the other vintage Schwinn three speed we picked up, so that one should be ready soon.
Also picked up a nice Eastern BMX and a GORGEOUS Marin Hybrid!  As well as a few more bangers!  YAY!!  Finished up the big boy Schwinn 67cm road bike, and she's a looker! 
And now a brief bit of an over done gripe.
Well the good news is my lovely wife while doing some digging the other day down at the pawn shop discovered he had gotten in a few VCR's and knowing that my pooped the bed a few months back, picked me up a couple (the second just in case) Good news for one who has a plethora of cool flicks still on VHS (YAY!  I can enjoy my MST3000 collection again!!!)
I pop in a copy of  "Without a Paddle" that I have never watched before earlier, then amongst other things had a showing (again) of "Second Hand Lions"  Arguably one of the best flicks ever.  At the end of the tape there's a couple of special features (that i didn't realize were on there, but the credits were rolling as I was dealing with a stubborn seat post so I didn't stop to rewind.  Turns out this magnificent film took over ten years, a few directors, a few screenwriters, and a couple of production companies before it ever saw celluloid.  And were it not for the fact that  they were selling it on the popularity of it's star Haley Joel Osmet, it may never have gotten done.  As it turns out most films made have had to go through this rigor moral to see film.  So it makes me wonder.. How does a film like "Without a Paddle" get MADE?  there's a lot of crap coming out with little to no value and yet they still get done.  It just makes me wonder how decision makers get to the level of authority they do, making these kind of judgement calls.
or does Seth Green know the Biblical sense.
Something to chew on before bedtime!
Well...see ya'll tomorrow!
ONLY $210.00!!

ONLY $145.00!!

ONLY $120.00!!!


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