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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beethoven's Immortal "Ode to Joy"

 There's an old saying that goes "Life is misery, occasionally interrupted by brief moments of joy" (I'm paraphrasing of course).  I would amend that by saying that the passage of life is highlighted by moments of joy.  More often then not the hindsight brought about by nostalgia is always brighter then at the moments conception.  We have the laudable gift of being able to see the good in a situation once it has been filtered through distance and time.  An unfortunate side effect of this is the inevitable inability to see the good in any situation we find ourselves in currently.
Some may dog ear the pages of their life story with moments of success at work, or play or family moments.  the birth of a child, a promotion at work or the conquest of some sports...thing. For me, my marriage and birth(s) not withstanding, my early years happiness was seen under the spotlight of a successful end to a white knuckle D&D campaign, and the arrival of that months latest batch of my favorite comic book titles.  Later on (once I discovered girls) it was the awareness of the real difference between boys and girls. 
Today i realized just how much my "Joy" priorities have changed.
On the way to work this morning after saying my "Welcome back" to the local crossing guards I stopped by CVS to pick up some necessities for Momma.  As I wandered the isles looking for Advil I came upon the most unlikely of stimulating happiness, that otherwise held me spellbound!  OH JOY a little voice in my head proclaimed...
Dr Schoall's Gell Inserts With ULTRA SUPPORT!!!
I kid you not.
Gleefully I shelled out the $16.79, and quickly, with excitement and uplifted spirits I rushed to the shop and eagerly tore open the package as a child at Christmas.  Working feverishly I carefully removed the excess pad to the perfect size, and upon purposefully placing them at the bottom of my new work boots, ceremoniously stood, basking in the orthopedic grandeur!
Unfortunately, at this point I do not foresee to much time passing before I am looking for the perfect "early Bird dinner special" and sitting on a park bench talking (to no one in particular) about who has recently died.
Today has had to have been the most bitter of cold days I've seen here in some time. Dipping to a glacial 48 degree's i was quite surprised to have seen as much traffic in the shop as we had.  Much thanks to Dale and her hubby for picking up the Marin.  I was under no disillusionment that it would last all that long.  ENJOY!  Many folks in looking for the perfect bike, and I hope to find it for them soon.  Also put together the Schwinn Ranger, which turned out quite nice (after some major overhauling) but the customer it was intended for decided on the Pacific I had gotten the night before in trade towards the Hunter.  So now she's out and available (with new tires no less!) 
Thanks to our scrapper Terry for popping in, and now on the look out for some more re-cycles lumber.  Going to be making some improvement in the shop (putting in a counter and a separate space for repairs to cut down on customer confusion) and also some new racks and shelving as in the next few weeks we will be getting in a BIG order of some much requested bicycle extras!
So with all that I bid you a fond "Good Night!"
Good Night!
ONLY $85.00!!!

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