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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Excuse me Sir. Do You Need Help Removing That Broomstick From Your...?

Sometimes thE "intensity" of individuals is beyond me.  Not to mention some peoples tendency to provide unsolicited opinions at inappropriate venues.  And yes I do understand that that statement may appear somewhat hypocritical as all I do is voice my opinion, BUT point in fact, by reading these ramblings, the reader is in effect soliciting my opinion, concluding that it is in fact, warranted.
Moving on to further self righteousness, As I sat here this morning doing some much needed updating to our Craigslisting, and blog, intermittently visiting with customers and fielding phone calls, a rather unsettling man stepped into the shop and oblivious to the fact that I was working with another customer at the time rudely interrupted and asked "Are there price tags on your bikes?"  excusing myself from my other customer, I responded no, but I can let you know how much for the one you are interested in.
(yes, i realize it would be best to put tags on them, but as the batch I currently have were put out yesterday, I hadn't gotten around to it yet, sorry)
instead of waiting or furthering the discussion he turned on his heels and as he was walking out stated "Then you're pricing the customer and not the bike!" and left.
Now I'm no psychologist and I'm sure that with allot of "me" time on a couch maybe this gentleman could come to grips with whatever past event that has eroded his interpersonal skills, and draw out the decent, kind, loving individual that I'm sure is lurking beneath...
I was brought up with a certain creed (although laced with a tad bit of Yankee sarcasm) Extend respect and courtesy to everyone until they may prove unworthy.
I also learned allot more from my folks...hence my personality and peccadillo's.
Where the heck was I.....?
Oh yes, had he stuck around I would have mentioned that when we finish working on a bike we post it on Craigslist and list it in the blog with the price! And as all this info is available and dated, it would be hard for us to "price the customer".  But then sometimes common sense can be a reach for some folk.
Has been a busy day all ready, and half of what I listed this morning is already gone.  I will show the pics below just to prove that regardless of what my wife may say about my Scrabble fetish...
I do work!
And have already bought and/or traded a bevy of new beauties!  The pick of the litter being a GORGEOUS Schwinn Sidewinder, I think last years model.  Now's the time of year when those receiving new bikes for Christmas get rid of the old ones!  GOODY!  It will be going out post haste!
Well I'd like to thank all the folks for coming in yesterday and letting us serve their re-pair needs.  Also I'd like to thank two individuals Hector and Micheal for proving once again that their are MANY people in this world that are blessed with integrity.  From time to time folks come in, who need help but are a little short and in order to keep them riding we extend house credit, based solely on trust and a handshake.  Some may be pessimistic about trust where money is concerned by we look at it this way, if we put our faith in someone it's not on us if they break that trust.  Karma is always watching, if we fail to help someone who needs it, bad on us. Hector has been bringing in a couple bucks each day over the last few weeks, and paid it off yesterday, while Mike had some trouble coming up with the cash but made a deposit yesterday, and we could tell he was really trying to do right. 
Also would like to thank Bob for making another "tired of walking" purchase on the FS Elite.  Now he's riding in style! 
All right, Now I gotta get to work!  Got an Origin 8 single speed on my rack almost done, and want to get onto more...we're getting light again!


  1. Hey! I just wanted to tell that you truly managed to customize a cool domain. And there is one thing I wanted to ask you. Have you ever taken place in any kind of competitions that involve bloggers?

    1. No, can't say as I have. Didn't know there ws such a thing. But thanks for the compliment!