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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kid's Say the Darndest Things! or (If She Wasn't So Cute.....!)

Thanks for a GREAT Saturday!  With the shop upgrades coming to an end we turned our focus to the re-pairs that have been piling up all week long!  And an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to all the folks for being SO VERY, VERY understanding about the delays!!  Even Chris who I mistakenly forgot to call as he works nights and came in early to pick up a bike that I had not finished!  ARRGH!  But he was a perfect gentleman and gave no worries! 
Ended up selling out of the few remaining adult bikes we had and put a SERIOUS dent in the BMX'ers as well.  Had a bit of a bidding war going on in the afternoon on the Redline, and Hyper too! 
All is finished except the gate separating the re-pairs and the parts bins.  Hope to have those done the first of the week, but for the next couple of days will be focused on BUILDING!  Have SO MUCH stuff to work with!
Cute story.
After work Saturday after taking my hose down, sat on the couch with angi, as we recapped our day's activities, and as the children meandered and played, Izzy (who is FINALLY starting to say a few words) sat down between us and layed across Mommas belly, to which Miranda (yep we're back to that name) kicked her.  Izzy sat straight up looked at momma and asked "baby"?  Momma smiled and said yes.  Izzy then turned to me, looked at my belly, patted it and asked "baby"?
As I said, she's lucky shes so cute.

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