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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Personal Touch

No, we're not that kind of bike shop.
Forgive me if I ramble but I am still in recovery.  No, not from injury but from the whimsy of a 19 month old little girl.  Throughout recorded history tales of lycanthropy lent  folkloric credence to the idea that certain people were susceptible to the gravatic pull of the lunar cycle.  Modern science, in it's steadfast all-knowing-ness, informs us that there is no hard proof that there is any validity to these claims.
Well they need to spend a night with Izzy when the moon is full. 
Now we have seen no claws or fangs, nor has she grown the body hair of a smarmy Mediterranean, BUT she refuses to sleep, paces about room to room (and God FORBID you refuse her access to any room) making sure, by grabbing your finger that you accompany her, at times she will stand at the front door pointing, which informs you she wishes to go "Walkies" at which point she walks up and down the sidewalk quickly, staring at the moon.
All I can say is if she starts baying, I'm SO gone!
Needless to say the last couple nights Mom and Dad have had less the minimum sleepy time!
Got a couple of very flattering compliments yesterday, and egotism insists I share!  First off, had a gent from Ontario, Canada visit on Saturday, dropping off a repair (yes the DO say "ay" allot!) and when he came back in yesterday to pick up, he had informed me that when they were planning their vacation to Florida, they're son had checked out the bike shops in the area for the convenience and recommended us to his dad.  Said "we sound like good people" Well sir, I am VERY honored you choose us and that you have such discerning taste!
Second.  Another gent from points North called the other day inquiring about vacation rentals, and repairs to his wife's bike they'll be bringing down.  What struck him as surprising was first, that after calling several other bike shops in the area, and being transferred through several departments (with the occasional stop over in voice mail limbo) that here he was not only talking to a real live person from the jump, but that that person would be assisting him in his rental AND servicing there bikes.  A very "Personal Touch" (you like how we integrated the text with the title?  Nice hunh?)
Let me 'splain!
Years ago, when I was ten (OK....DECADES!) I used to rush home from school in Brentwood, NH.  We lived about a mile and a half from RT 111-A on Pick Pocket Road.  Back then the bus would dump the few kids that lived out in the boonies, there and you then trudged home.  Well I sprinted as I had about 15 minutes to get home so that I could watch my (then) FAVORITE show "T.H.U.N.D.E.R Birds"
A brilliant British classic, comprised of marionettes and models.  Pure adrenalin fancy for a young boy (OK...I still watch my collection from time to time HOORAY for DVD's!) An ultra wealthy ex-astronaut and his sons, (along with Parker, Ms. Penelope, Brains and Tin Tin) operate an International rescue from their hidden base on their private Island. 
I loved the show, and remember this was before video recorders and the like so you were a slave to the networks.
Well on one particular afternoon as I burst through the front door, grabbed my snack and  clicked on the set I was met by something wholly unexpected.  NOT my show!  For a moment I checked the station...then the time!  (was I LATE?  Was I early?) Nope.  Everything else within my little corner of reality was right...just no show! 
I am not so insecure with my masculinity that I won't admit to crying.  I did.  My mother, alarmed tried to comfort me.  In her wisdom she suggested I write a letter to the station asking them why.  I had no idea you could do that, but she found the address and I wrote what a ten year old would consider a scathing diatribe chastising them for their inconsiderate and completely unbelievable removal of Gods gift to ten year old boys!
I sent the letter off, and began my mourning period.  It took some time to go through the five steps of grief.  While I was wallowing in "denial" a couple weeks later my mother had a letter waiting for me on my snack tray when I got home from school.  It was from the program director of Channel 25 in Boston, Ma. (WAY before it was a Fox affiliate).  I can remember a rush of excitement as in my youthful exuberance I was sure it was a letter of apology, and in their remorse for destroying my young life were going to immediately reinstate the show.
It was not.
At the time the well thought out letter that did not condescend, but rather gently explained such things as demographics, and syndication guidelines in such a way as to soften the blow of my shows cancellation.  Never once did the gentleman dismiss my concerns as inconsequential.
It was a very personalized communication, that did not read like a form letter.  Perhaps it was penned by a Secretary merely passing it on for his signature.  But, this man, who I'm sure had better more important things to attend to took the time to address the woes of a heartbroken ten year old, trying honorably to ease my misery.
Eventually I emerged from the darkness and went on with my life (the eventual discovery of the whole series on VHS helped) but that letter stuck in my head.
In an age of voice mail, online "help", cell phones that no one answers, telecommunication assistance in India, and employees with NO clue we hold true to the old fashioned ways of direct contact!  Nothing beats getting "face time" with the person you are doing business with. 
The origin 8 was quite a crowd pleaser and got many calls once it listed.  The lucky winner was a gent from South Saint Pete making the journey up.  And good timing too, as he came in about ten seconds before the young man from Palm Harbor came in.  As is our way THANKS for all the re-pairs and the trust you put in us!  Picked up some more sweet gems as well!  The young lady who picked up the vintage Schwinn for her college bound daughter brought us two primo pretties!  A classic Schwinn World Sport road bike, and a Nishiki RB as well!  Got a Trek 830, and OCC Chopper on consignment, as well as a few more bangers, a 5 speed ladies cruiser, and a couple BMX'ers!  Needless to say i have a busy day!
So "Have at you, Dartanian!"
ONLY $85.00!!

ONLY $80.00!!!

ONLY $140.00!!

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