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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The "Train of Thought" Has Derailed.

Ever have a time when you are incapable of organized thought?  Well now we have common ground to walk on.  Forgive me if my normal ranting seem abnormally discombobulated as I'm pretty much winging it.
As many of you already know, as you were probably perusing it prior to visiting us, Craigslist (among other internet sites) is potentially under assault.  Apparently Congress is working on two bills, PIPA & SOPA (S968 and HR3261).  I quote;
"Corporate supporters of Senate 968 (PIPA) and HR 3261 (SOPA) demand the ability to take down any web site (including craigslist, Wikipedia, or Google) that hurts their profits -- without prior judicial oversight or due process  -- in the name of combating "online piracy.""
As with so much legislature the terminology is vague and broad enough that the potential for abuse and loopholes abound.  No, I do not support piracy, but the Corporate Big Wigs that have our Government in their back pocket could easily sway their puppets into removing our ability to seek out opposing view points, REAL news (such as the non-watered down "On the Battlefront" news bits generated by the real time participants in "Occupy Wallstreet") or even go so far as to eliminate competition in free trade.  Think about it.  Major players in the retail market are sure to have been feeling a little pinch in sales when the average American can go online to Craigslist and deal in a worldwide Flea Market.  When you can go into their search engine and  find almost ANYTHING at a fraction of what you pay retail (in most cases) why go to Wal-Mart or Target?  Obviously, our fat cat Government has NO concern that in most American families the ability to save some scratch when buying necessary items is a vital necessity, ESPECIALLY nowadays. I urge you to read the breakdown of the bill and contact you representatives (it's easy) and tell them what you think.
Who knows!  Maybe democracy will work...for once.
Last night was the first Atherton Men out night.  Which is another word for Wednesday Bowling Night!  I'll admit it's been almost never that we have been able to have a structured "outside the house" regular night.  It works SO well on SO many levels.  The obvious benefits being the chance to be out of the home enviornment, sharing small talk and laughs.   Getting to know your family a little better.  Teaching them good social behavior, but it also allows for another tool in the disciplinary arsenal.  My wife and I learned ALONG time ago, that the act of spanking your child is rarely a useful tool.  Quite frankly with the potential legal risks involved, it's not worth it.  However, as we have been for the better part of two decades home bound, we have had little to "hold over their heads".  Well now the threat of losing Friday Night Movie Night, Sunday Family Day, and now Wednesday Boys Night (and in parallel Girls Night) is motivation for their interactions with each other more civil, chores get done faster, messes are at a minimum, and attitude is a wee bit sunnier!  No I don't think I've reinvented the wheel, but it's nice to be in a place where they get to have fun and we get to have leverage!
At the risk of seeming traitorous to my own belief structure, in concert with the forthcoming upgrades to the shop (No worries, it will still have the same ambiance, just a wee bit more organized) we are considering accepting credit and debit cards.
Yes, I know.  I have often times ranted and rallied strongly against such a thought.  However as we have begun getting more and more busier this last year, and a wider spectrum of folks come in, more and more voice (at times vehemently) the inconvenience of us NOT accepting them.  It has given me pause for thought.  As much as I abhor debt, there are those who wisely manage their money and may not get caught in the spiraling decay of interest payments versus principal.  I have concluded it is the height of hubris to instill my principals into their lives, nor am I qualified to be their conscience.  We are currently shopping around for the right processing company (that won't charge an arm and a leg for the service) and should be ready in a couple of weeks.
Thanks to Thomas for popping in yesterday.  After several visits he finally found the ride he's been looking for in the Schwinn Voyager Hybrid.  Also to Bobby for coming in and falling in love with the Easter candy colored Haro Vault!  And another frequent flyer Bill and his wife that took home the Savannah!  Glad she's happy.
Managed to put out four yesterday thanks to a rainy day.  Nice looking Mongoose XR-75 that really only needed a once over as it was WELL maintained.  A simple little 20" BMX for starters.  A FULLY refurbed "Why did I even start this project" Avalon 7 speed comfort cruiser.  And an Old School Mongoose BMX.  This one a full custom re-build and paint!
Well, Now i am off to build up some more goodies in preparation for the weekend!
Hope to see ya'll REAL soon!
ONLY $70.00!!!

ONLY $30.00!!

ONLY $80.00!!!

ONLY $90.00!!

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