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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well it's 2012!  So make the very best of the next 11 months and 20 days as that's when they have the final curtain call, turn out the house lights, and call it a night.  At least according to the Mayan Calender.  Personally i look forward to waking up December 22, having a cup of coffee, do some Christmas shopping and chuckle to myself as I read the tabloids try and explain why they were wrong.
Have you all made your new Years resolution?  Well as always I make the same one that I ALWAYS fail to full fill.  Mine is to stop being so garsh darn attractive to women!
WHOA!  Try real hard to hold down your dinner!
Well I guess the new trend nowadays is to send salutation texts as our shop cell got a bunch today.  I'll take this moment to reply (if you didn'tt send one just pick anyone as your own greetings of good fortune!) Thanks to Dan and Catherine, and to Dan thanks again for the tree! To Casper my favorite "ghost", Henry, Charles (wheelie!), Hank (shoes man SHOES!) Sam and Dean (uno mas!) Mr. Chip (see ya soon!) Paula and Judy (riding is GOOD, but better without the Harley) Cal (Hellboy), Jose' (where's the BEEF!) Timothy (that is NOT medicinal) Daredevil Mac (how many time DO we need to replace your front forks!?) Stan, Stanley, Ahmed, Mohamed, Devin, Raphael (wheres your sai?) Nina, Patrick, William, Judge Hill and our timid little groupie Bud!
Well this year looks to be a great one.  Mild weather, and lots of happy riders.  This year will herald in the birth of our newest member (we fin out Friday the thirteenth what it is...yea, yea...tell me about it!)
Today not only marks the new year but also new schedule at the shop.  In an attempt to spend more family time we will now be closed on Sundays!  We hope it cause no one inconvenience, but after five years of not having a day off together I think Angi and I have earned it.  Today we celebrated our new found freedom by doing a MASSIVE clean of the house!  MUCH NEEDED!  We purged ALOT from the kids rooms, the trash man is going to be so thrilled with us!  And Mom and dad finally cleaned up our mess of a room as well!
Well you all enjoy the last remaining day of break, until we go back to the grind!
:See ya tomorrow!

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