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Monday, January 16, 2012

Exactly WHY Do We Send Our Kids To School?

Some fun goings on at the old Shoppe' today but I'm going to tell tales in reverse!
The end...
OK, maybe NOT so literal.
Kaleb and I worked a little later tonight as we are ONCE AGAIN cleaning and reorganizing.  With all the buying we've done lately we haven't gotten around to stripping down the parts bikes.  Needless to say it was to the point of insurmountable.  Thanks to Terry for coming late for a scrap pick up.  Also cleaned out the back hall!  WOW!  You can actually walk full frontal and not have to walk sideways, bending and contorting under various protruding metal parts in order to get to the bathroom! (I swear I heard  my colon breath a sigh of relief) We're getting prepared to the re-furb and upgrades coming to the shop in the next few weeks.  Thanks to my dad who will be helping in the design and work, as well as being the mode of pick up and delivery for the materials.
After finishing up and closing up as we were leaving I realized I had forgotten my coat.  Going back into grab it Kaleb commented that it wasn't cold, to which I responded "Yes, but it will be cold in the morning"  To this he commented "Dad, do you know why it's cold?" (this is his way of opening conversation to bestowed upon me with his youthful wisdom) my response was simply "because it's winter."  He grinned a wizened smirk as if to say "silly man" and retorted "No.  It's the winds traveling over the glaciers bringing cold air here"
There are times my children say things that just stop me dead in my tracks.  As if the shear weight and enormity of their words short circuit my logic centers, sending out waves of bio electric interference that momentarily impede my primary motor skills.
Now, I'm no genius nor am I a meteorologist, but I was under the assumption that the seasons had something to do with the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun.  Maybe I was wrong, so for the briefest of moments I pondered his words...
(at this moment I am remembered of all the times I have gone anywhere with this boy, and in all fairness, as much as the boy can get on my nerves, he is rather like a young Brad Pitt.  Rather handsome with an underlying "Bad Boy" image.  It never fails that regardless of where we go, he is met with a variety of young ladies who greet him, in full "sing song" voice with "Hiiiiiiiiiiii, Kaleb!" Only further reinforcing my belief that ALL women regardless of age, social position, or IQ prefer their men cute, and dumb!)
Then I returned to THIS reality, and could do nothing but shake my head in shame and disbelief.
So HOORAY for the Public Education System.  No wonder Florida ranks so low in standardized testing scores. 
And thanks to Chip for paying us a visit and dropping of the sweet Schwinn Ranger MTB in swap for the old cantilever frame.  I DEFINITELY got the sweeter end of the deal.  But then he usually lets us come out on top!  And thanks for sharing with us his tale of humility recently learned as him and the lovely Joanne were at the Largo Library book store the other day and as they were perusing the isle she came upon a copy of Chips novel "The Practical Cyclist".  Upon seeing the book, he was struck with the realization that his book had been not only discarded to the denizens of the "Store of Little Lost Books" but as it turns out it was a personalized, autographed copy he had given to a "Then" friend.  Well, after realizing this his only thought was whether he should strike his former acquaintance with a snow shovel or a bat.
He opted for an aluminum bat.  Best of both worlds.
Yes, we moved a few more rides off to new homes today, but forgive me as we were otherwise occupied with cleaning and reorganizing that Angi was running the front and I wasn't paying to good attention.  Sorry.  I will give full credit to those intrepid souls tomorrow.
We also did MORE buying as well.  Picked up a sweet Schwinn Voyager (yep another one) and two more Mongoose BMX'ers.  The Schwinn is done and out but will have to post tomorrow as, yep you guessed it, to busy!
Now that I have room to move though, I'll be pounding out some more golden oldies on the morrow!
In closing, some trepidation from various family members regarding our choice of name for our new little girl to be has given us pause to rethink (and KUDOS to my sister for being the only one so far to recognize the sci-fi fandom reference to the name "Miranda" as the "dead" planet that spawned the Reavers on "Firefly".  Yes not the most idyllic of inspiration but we liked the sound of it) At the suggestion of our son Elijah, following on the "Firefly" reference, we are now contemplating "Serenity" as a more apt second choice.
Wish I thought of it first.
Well, until tomorrow!

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