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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Don't Tread On Me: The Confederate Issue

Cinch up yer girders Florida, looks like it's gonna be one of those summers!
The daily tropical rainfall is in full swing, and of course that means if you don't ride in the early AM or later PM, bring yer bumbershoot! 
OK, here's a RARE bit of political and/or social commentary from me that really has nothing to DO with me, but the older boys at the house have been making it a topic for the last few days. so thought I might put in my two cents, fer what it's worth; The whole Confederate flag thing.  I'll make it as succinct as I can.  How can anyone talk about banning the Confederate Flag?  Don't mistake that comment for sympathy, mind you, I'm a Yankee, through and through, so I have no real affiliation.  I do, however, believe that in this country everyone has the inalienable right of expression, freedom of speech, ETC. ETC. ETC.  In other words, no one persons stupidity is any less valid then another's. Granted, the horrific crime that led to this whole debate is terrible, but judge the man that did the crime, NOT the symbol he stood behind while doing it!  For if you do, then best step back, take a moments pause, and consider our history.  How many times has Old Glory been waved as a sign of freedom and independence while at the same time subjugating, decimating or all together eradicating those we felt inferior?  Don't have to look too far folks.  The American Indians, Blacks, Homosexuals, the Middle I need to go on?  And while were on the subject, what about any other countries flag, that in America, naturalized citizens have the right to wave?  How many of THOSE have decorated battle fields and conquests in the same fashion?  You want to persecute a symbol in lieu of the individual and the horrific conclusions that drive them to commit murder?  WOW!  Talk about double standard.  And how is it, that you can outlaw a flag calling IT racist, when it is PERFECTLY legal and within anyone's constitutional right to be a sheet wearing Ku Klux Klan member, or sport the Swastika on your bicep and march any American street waving the NAZI flag!?!? And Oh Mr. Bushy Boy!  Racism is NOT inherent in a colorful piece of cloth, OH nay nay!  It lurks behind the handshake and practiced smile of both citizen and politician alike, and seeps into the policies and practices executed behind closed doors with the swipe of a pen!  DO NOT forget THAT!  I LIVE in Florida and lived in Texas when that other bumbler was running it! And while we are on the subject of racist, defamatory, relentless, unforgiving, bias symbolism (and I'm treading on thin ice here folks, so WATCH your step) while were on the whole "ban it, put it away, and make believe we're a better people without it" what about RELIGIOUS symbols! (oh YES...I WENT there!) How many times through EVERY countries history has the Crucifix, the Bible, the Koran you name it, been held up lofty by someone hell bent on the persecution, execution , destruction of innocence or ravaging of youth in it's name?  Why are we not talking about illegalizing THOSE?! People, in the end it's simple; we need to wake the FUDGE up and FINALLY recognize it's not symbols that need to be eliminated, nor make excuses for or search out theorized explanations or assign aimless blame to try and make us feel like we have vanquished evil.  NO, it's the evil in human form that stands BEHIND those symbols who REALLY need to be eradicated!
OKAY, I am SO getting down off my soap box! 
Happy thoughts....think happy thoughts...
Well, yesterday continued in the same vein as the previous few days and the crickets kept asking me to get them an Espresso machine if they were going to stick around!  Did manage to send the Diamondback to a new, appreciative home, as HE knew what a deal that particular ride was!  Welcome to the area, sir, and remember...Delco's, Main Street Dunedin when you're missing a taste of Philly!  Always a classic "Cheese Steak, peppers, onions, mushroom's and mayo"  Oh.  I'm getting hungry NOW!
Yes...I'm a little punchy.  Stayed up until about three AM watching back to back episodes of Lost, as it's REALLY getting good!  Ever have that moment, when you have sprouted roots, and really realized you were, in fact, becoming a potato, then happen to glance at a clock and say "GAWD!  I'm tired!"  Yea.  Me too.
SOOOOO, nope. Nothing new to show, the other downside to Florida summer, not many folks doing spring cleaning, so nothing coming in, but I have HIGH hyper active Ant hopes that something(s) will come in....SOON!
With that, gonna sign off!

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  1. Joan Baez said it best, so very long ago: "A flag is a piece of cloth that values dirt over men's lives."

    And by the way, just for the record, they're waving the WRONG flag.