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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Morning After!

C'mon folks! Thought you'd give Angi and Kaleb a run for there money yesterday to welcome them on their first day!  Not so much though, as it was deathly quiet yesterday.  Sadly, 'twas a hell of a rain storm mid afternoon, so one can only assume that's why!  Today, excuses.  Relatively clear skies, so it's time to get out from under the covers!  We did have a few looky loo's though  Angi tells me that one couple came in to poke around and the charms of Suzanne did not go unnoticed.  As the wife perused the wares, hubby was giving the pooch a rousing pet down.  So enamored was he, he failed to realize his wife had even left the store to wander down the plaza!  OPPS!!  Look's like HE may need a dog house that evening!  Kaleb did the strip down on the Fuji road bike an the old ladies Schwinn.  I had planned on coming in later this morning to work on getting them ready, but our eldest decided he was going to go out last night once Mom got home, originally to grab some fast food with a "friend" but never came home.  This, coupled with the fact that Angi had to wait up until three am this morning when I got home, as the aforementioned nimnut son lost our spare house key, she was quite exhausted.  Not wanting to push her too hard, I opted to get up and come in to open up.  I was dressed and walking out the door when the boy sauntered through the door wondering why I was awake!!!  Yes folks, this is the kind of mind numbingly irritating thinking processes we have to deal with! 
Last night, was a baptism by fire.  I went in an hour early to get a little training (as I was not all that certain WHAT my job was) and turns out, it's not all that hard, prepping equipment for shipping ETC.  They left me a list of things to do, but I ended up going through the list by eleven, so wandered to the shift manager, and they found  few more things for me to keep busy with until closing.  I was sandblasting parts for cleaning, and the bloody machine is HUGE, but the actual hose is only about three foot long, so you have to be able to contort your arms and body to reach some of the larger pieces!  OUCH!  It's not complicated work but it's also not "climate control".  ICK!  Yes, OKAY. I'm spoiled!  I'm use to my "ice box" working environment!  Gonna take a little time (and a LOT of baby powder!) to get use to it!
So today, I'm just taking it easy, (not to hard with nothing to do!  HINT! HINT!) and look forward to seeing y'all this morning!
until tomorrow! 

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