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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back and Forth!

Well, OK! That's a little better!
Started the day off with gray clouds and smattering of rain but with a break in the water works later in the morning folks bravely ventured from their cocoons and tentatively tested the waters. First, we picked up a gem of a classic ladies Jamis Boss cruiser. We love these rides, built tough with a real nice look, and comfortable ride. In real sweet shape as well! Also, thanks to the gent with a donation of a real nice Huffy cruiser, men's, that harkens back in time with some classic cruiser feelings! We'll have that one done tomorrow so be looking out for it! Don't think it will last! Also, finished up the 20" bmx we converted to a standard drive. This one, the boys did, and learned REAL FAST just how SERIOUS Dad is about the quality of work we except. I almost hit them with a hammer when I found rusty lug nuts on the back wheel!  Except for the front brakes being slightly loose, it  was mechanically fine, they just lack an eye for the finer details. I also had to threaten their ability to reproduce if they didn't keep the work bay clean and organized!
Later in the day, Angi sent the boys 24" MTB to a new home, and they had a few repairs come in for me to hammer away at tomorrow, then the rains came back, and that was it!
Now, I know things have been crazy lately, and I've had several inquiries as to just WHAT my other jobs are, and where. So OK first is the warehouse, or manufacturers actually.  Douglas Machine Corp, in Clearwater. They build industrial dish washers, some of which are longer than a city bus! LITERALLY! This is AMERICAN labor and product folks, shipped all over the world! I know, one of the ones I cleaned tonight was going to Vietnam.  If you've been in a restaurants kitchen, they probably have one. My job is to do the finish clean, sand blast parts, build shipping pallets, ETC. Best part of the job, aside from the challenge of exceeding my work sheet, is buzzing around on the fork lift. Yes, I'm a child, so sue me!  There all real good people and the owner comes out to the work floor at the beginning of EVERY shift and personally greets each worker, by name, each time!
My next job is at 20 Sheckles Bread on Drew street in Clearwater. They are also great folks and I'm in charge of the front. Very laid back, we have great fun not only talking with the customers who LOVE the food, but also hanging out and chatting up. The owner, Marney. Is very open to input, takes a great deal of pride in what she does, and I think she is convinced to try a Wasabi and ginger bread thingy they call "littles".  These things are to DIE FOR folks!  They DO NOT skimp on the fillings like so many places, and I secretly pray each day they don't sell out because I get to take home the leftovers! One of those littles is lunch all on its own!
Okay, back to the shop!
We still need more rides folks! This rain will end soon, then everyone will be itching to get out and ride again, and we want to get them going! But, weneed bikes to do that! If'n you got onr to spare, we'd be more'n happy to take it off yer hands!
I'm going to TRY and be up there a little earlier tomorrow, finish up that cruiser, and fine tune a few things with Angi and the boys, so i hope to see you there!
Jump to today!  The Huffy is almost done, after having impromptu store meeting, and they are back at it.  Had to do a little running about to get more mundane tasks done, and finishing up the make ready's!  Then off again, HOPEFULLY the massive gray cloud bank that just drifted in, will by pass us all together.  I don't want to show up a drowned rat!
OKEY DOKEY!  We'll see ya soon! 

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  1. Well, I'm not in the market for an industrial dishwasher, but 20 Shekels sounds GREAT! I plan to give it a try just as soon as it stops raining.



    Still waiting...