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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Do You Know...The Muffin Man?

As if God himself spoke to me in an attempt to tell me my rant from yesterday was RIGHT ON THE MONEY...
I had another interview this morning (and got the job!!! YAY!  we'll talk about that in a moment) down on Drew Street, south of us.  On the way back I headed North on Keene and was traveling on the "legal" side of the road, and got to the intersection of Keene and Sunset Point Road (still headed North) and waited for the crossing signal like a dutiful, law abiding citizen.  The light's changed and I got the signal, but of course looked behind me to see if anyone was going to be turning right onto Sunset (as I know, the idiot car drivers are NOT checking to see if anyone is crossing) and the North bound lanes were full, as cars started to move.  No one was arcing right or had their blinkers on, so I eked out into the road.  Noticing movement to my left I stopped quick as some moron in a Prius came up fast and cut into the turning lane and banked a hard right barely missing my front wheel, because...COME ON FOLKS!  SAY IT WITH ME LOUD AND PROUD!!
I watched the brain dead putz as he careened around the corner and his bloody eyes NEVER left the screen of his I phone!!  Yes, he was that close I could see it was a white IPhone! 
YES!  I got the job, which secretly, I was really hoping I WOULD get!!  It's a small bakery in Clearwater and what drove me to apply there was the humorous and irreverent ad the owner had written. I went on their website, and discovered it to read as if I myself had written it!  Something was very compelling, driving me to write an equally personal and quirky response.  I received an email back, urging me to come in to apply.  Yes, sometimes Fate steps in and you come to discover the most ODD of coincidences.  Once I met the owner and her partner, the entire scope of "Tales From The Weird and Uncanny" was brought into focus!  Her reason for being so eager for me to come in, turned out to be my last name!
See....she's an Atherton too!! 
Now that may not seem like a big deal if your a Smith or an Adams or Johnson, BUT in my entire 47 years I have never met another Atherton that I wasn't related to.  Turns out, neither had she.  As we talked the peculiarities grew.  She looks a lot like my Aunt Mary on my fathers side.  Her family hails from up North and from Canada.  As does mine.  Not to sure about Canada, but definitely the North part!  It's going to be interesting to find out a little more genealogy and see if in fact, A Craigslist ad inadvertently connected me with a long lost cousin! 
Not to mention LOTS of high quality breads!  I'm eating the tomato/basil/ and asiago with red onions right now!  OH.....MAN!!!  It's a good thing I'll be riding back and forth, cause I could easily become a lot fatter! 
Now on to this joint!  Again, got to give a shout out to the gent dropping off the donations yesterday, THANK YOU, SIR!!  Gave me something to keep busy for a couple of hours, thank heavens.  Looks like I could only save two, unfortunately.  They all looked like they were relatively new when they were stuck away somewhere NOT climate controlled, therefore the level of rust was just to far gone!!  Sad face.  But, going to get a nice 7 speed ladies cruiser and a sweet Looking 26" DBS MTB (E I E I O!) out of the lot. 
Had a young couple come in that are just starting out, and live up off the trail in North Dunedin.  They were looking to get rides to get out and enjoy it.  They were on a budget (who isn't nowadays?) and so were doing their research.  They had looked into several of the local shops, and unfortunately, were about to give up!  In their words "the LOWEST price we could find started at $400.00!!!!"  Then they heard about us!  I believe their words were "shocked and amazed!"  Not only did they find two rides they loved, but had enough left over in their budget to upgrade their seats and get a basket for her! SO glad we could help, and get two more folks out of their car! 
SO, after having spent the afternoon yesterday parting out the remainder of the donations, going to get started on rebuilding the remaining two!
Hope to see y'all soon!

WOOF!!! UPDATE!!!  The company I did the pee test for called back.  As expected, I passed with flying colors!  SO....I start work there Monday.  Heh...Now, I have three jobs!  Hmmmmm?  Wonder when sleep will fit in? 

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