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Friday, July 31, 2015

Build It...and They Shall Come

Okay, so I usually use a quote a little more obscure but that one just fit perfect.  As the newbies are slowly trickling back in, and find their way to the sale floor, they are moving out right quick!  The Huffy cruiser didn't make it until the end of the day yesterday, and the Jamis left to it's new home in the company of the Trek Big Boy cruiser Kaleb had just finished up!  Check out the pic below, the gent took a couple for a test ride, but not before snatching up our Thor mask and doing his own tribute to The God of Thunder!   Kaleb did a full repaint on it, but did make a couple errors in it's prep work.  He tried a more ghetto style repaint, and I had to chastise him to strip it ALL the way down to frame.  He didn't like that much, but knows what's good for him and did it anyway!  AH-HA!!  To all who have left messages and comments please forgive my apparent rudeness for not responding back, I will get to it, I promise! As of this moment though, I am seeing vapor trails!  Just came off the 27 hour stretch, and even though I had a brief nap this morning from 3 AM-4.30AM, I'm starting to feel loopy!  I came up to see how things were going, and am very happy to announce that Angi and the boys have things well in hand!  We picked up another donation of a really clean looking ladies 24" MTB, and three more for DBS stock.  Well, two of those look more like parts bikes, but the remaining one will be pretty nice when I'm done with her.  It's an older Roadmaster, but with some tweaking...they can make for a pretty cool cheapie cheap urban commuter.  Yea, I know, Roadmaster? Seriously, they are not ALL bad!  This one's least it has THAT going for it!
As Angi has had some time on her hands she has completely revamped and is updating our page on Facebook, so if you have the urge for a more up to date glimpse into the nefarious goings on around here, check it out!  Apparently, by the numbers of likes and views folks are quite happy she's back to keeping it up!
Speaking of nefarious... I met one of the regulars at the bakery today, oddly enough, police don't just patron donut shops, contrary to popular myth.  Turns out, she is a neighbor of ours, just around the corner, and it took me a moment to recognize her.  At first, she couldn't remember me, but all I had to say was "you know my son...Kaleb"  I got one raised eyebrow at that, as a knowing look came over her face and she said "Oh yea!  You own the bicycle shop, right!"  Heh....sad that so many of the local police are on a first name basis with him.  But of course, she would remember him, as he once sideswiped her cruiser with his bike! 
Oh...the stories I could tell!
SO, anyway!  I best sign off for now, as I'm going to head home and rest my brain or a bit so that I can be in here tomorrow afternoon and bang out some new rides! 
Until then!  See Ya!!




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