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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Huntsman!

Well, at least I'm getting exercise! 
The search for supplemental income continues.  Went to an interview yesterday (location undisclosed) and I hate to speak ill of anyone, but I'm of the mind, that if you set an appointment with someone, it is always professional to be at said interview.  I was there, a few minutes earlier, but ended up doing the interview with a subordinate as the boss had not arrived in for the day, yet. 
All the online leg work I did, has paid off though as I have another today and one more on Thursday (and that one looks like it could be a lot of fun, too boot!) The old fishing metaphor "the more times you drop your line in the water, the more likely you are to get a strike" is proving true yet again!  Now I have folks calling me!  So my fingers are firmly crossed, as the one I'm going to in a few minutes is less then a 15 minute bike ride from the shop, and is second shift so will allow me the morning's here, which is the busiest part of our days anywho.
Once I got back yesterday, went right to work and banged out a few repairs, then went on to newbies!  OH, we got a couple gems here!  NICE Trek 7200 hybrid, excellent condition and a BIG BOY frame to boot!  Also, a real sharp looking Pacific MTB!  This one has some nice components, nothing Earth shattering, but a real good A to B MTB!  Also, put out an older FS Elite ladies 26" MTB.  This one was a FULL re-furb, and upgraded with a set of alloy wheels and road tires.  Oh, the FS isn't anything special, component wise, really basic, but I just really like the frame style on these things! 
Those took me up until the end of the day, and aside for the earlier repairs a finding homes for a couple of kids rides, not much else to jaw about...sorry. 
Hopefully, I'll have more to add later!
Well...not sure on that one.  Interview was good, and they took the time to walk me around the plant, and kept using terms like "this is where you'll be stationed" and "this is what we'll have you do" then went on to talk about chances for advancement and they'd want to train me on sheet metal fabrication, and welding, certify me on the fork lift.  Then, at the end, handed me a form for LabCorp to do a pee test, then said they'd be in touch.  No idea, where it will go, so "BACK TO FORMULA!!!" 
Allright, now I best get to work! 

image 1

ONLY $85.00!!
image 1
ONLY $65.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $210.00!!!

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