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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Break In The Rain!

OKAY!  So a little backwards today!  Normally do the whole computer thing in the AM, but actually was blessed to be able to sleep in this morning!  Oh thank God for the invention of ear plugs!  Oh yes, hit the pharmacy before we started on the new schedule, and grabbed a box of the expanding foam plugs.  Things get REAL noisy in the house around eight AM, this morning... I heard NOTHING!  AHHHHH! 
Angi and the boys had a busier day yesterday, thank Heavens!  Their secret?  NO rain until later afternoon!  Had a wonderful couple, new to Florida, down from out neck of the woods, and we had a jaw fest over all the familiar haunts!  OH...makes me homesick!  They snagged up the ladies Schwinn and the men' Dual Shock MTB to get out and enjoy the trials!  After that, I had to head out and get to work.  After which, some more of the baseball guys came in and snagged up another one of the MTB's, happily, and went out on their way (after a quick upgrade to the kickstand, Gratis!  Like I said, Angi is WAY softer a touch than I!) 
We had a late afternoon repair came in that was the epitome of "waiting too long to fix!"  The gents rear wheel was TACOED!!!  When they loosened and removed the rear wheel, the thing folded in half on it's own and the spokes just started to fall out!  SERIOUSLY FOLKS, when you know something is wrong, get in and get it checked out!  I hate to think what would have happened to him if he was going down the Clearwater Bridge when this thing went!  YOWTCH! 
Got to work early again, expecting to get trained on the fork lift, but the floor manager was wrapped up in something else, so the put me on pallet building.  It's a real decent company to work for, but a little odd.  They hardly give me anything to do before my shift starts.  I had ten hours to pack 52 hangers in one box, clean one machine and build two pallets?  Needless to say, even "pacing myself" as they suggest, I was done with the list by six PM.  I cleaned the work space, then spent the remainder of the evening sandblasting parts.  That, can be a tad bit frustrating.  You can only run it for about five minuets, then have to wait five, as it keeps clogging.  *SIGH*  Definitely a way to kill time.  I was thankful though, as they wanted me to make up for the two hours I came in early, and sent me home at 12.30 AM.  On that NOTE, what's really funny is I got an e-mail yesterday, that my second job asked if would e OK if I just worked Fri-Sun for awhile (every business in Florida hurts in the summer!)  and I was elated!  NOW I don't have to run a 48 hour stint! 
Now, was in today to finish up repairs, and now I gotta jet!
See y'all soon!

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