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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oh the Joy's of Summer!!

And isn't it a LOVELY morning!!
WOWZERS!!  Awoke this morning to... NO rain!  Thought the world might be coming to an end!  Well, the inevitable has happened and my body and mind are starting to adjust to the new schedule, and just like my earlier years as a young man working long shifts, the infamous "second wind" kicks in around midnight!  OY!! This is great if you need the added boost of energy to get through to the end of the shift, but that coupled with the invigorating ride home (really, if you want a NICE ride, go out around 2 am!  The weather is so cool, and it's quiet, just make sure you ride on the right side of the road!  HA!!  Little topical inside joke there!) wakes you up.  Which is NOT what you want to have happen when you have to be awake in the morning!  The end result is, parking my keister on the porch once I've had my shower, and try and relax enough to get tired again!  SHEESH!  Hit the sheets about 4 AM this morning and stared at the ceiling fan for a awhile until I drifted off.  It helps that it's quiet, and I just listen to the rhythm of Angi's breathing.  Now I know why the babies were always calm when she held them!
ANYWAY, waxing nostalgic there for a moment, but that too is inevitable.  The only ill side effect to working such long hours is the separation from the family.  You wouldn't in a million years think that one would miss the chaos! 
SO, yesterday was, sadly, another one of relative silence.  Yet again, the rain was horrific, and in talking to many folks I think the collective opinion is "we ain't doin' nuthin until this crud goes away!"  SO, we're just anchoring in for the long haul, crossing our combined fingers and hope for the best!  YUCK!
We did finish up the Huffy Cruiser, which came out real sweet, check the pic below, and picked up a Trek cruiser today that is currently in the bay being banged away on!  Needed a repaint, bus is a nice BIG BOY cruiser!  Capped it off with an ultra comfy cruiser seat to boot! 
So, in closing...WE NEED MORE RIDES!!!  Well, that and a string of pleasant sunny days to get folks out of hibernation and back on the trails!  All chant with me..."rain, rain go away, come again some other day..."  You think it'll work? 
Gotta jet!  Finish up a couple small things than head out for the 24 hour stretch!
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $85.00!!

1 comment:

  1. My "Rainy Season in Florida" Joke:

    It's been so rainy here (HOW RAINY IS IT?) all of my bicycles got together and sent my wife a sympathy card. They thought I'd died.

    Insert rim shot here.

    On the plus side, the photo does not do that Huffy Cruiser justice. I saw it in person the other day. What a fine ride!

    And please, please, please: Give us a shot of the front fork reflector treatment. Best urban bike idea I've seen in YEARS!