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Tuesday, June 30, 2015 there anybody IN there....just nod if you can hear me...

Gosh, I would sure like to report a busy day yesterday...
Had a very nice young lady come in for a rear wheel repair yesterday.  She's an animator and going to work for DreamWorks next year, SWEET!  She had the misfortune to have had a friend who "knew" what he was doing in regards to bicycle repair, after all; "how hard could it be?" and fixed her bike.
She has an older single speed cruiser her father gave her and her sole mode of transportation.  She'd been having a problem with the chain slipping off, an easy enough fix by just adjusting the tension on the wheel, but when her friend did it, he removed the brake strap to do so, and when he said it was finished, and she noticed it laying on the ground, he merely dismissed it saying "that's not important"
Well, it's not important if you don't mind NOT breaking, or a rapidly worsening loose wheel, but yea, otherwise "not important"!
I have a theory on this.  Bicycle repair is easy (it has to be, because even I figured it out!) and not unlike a few bicycle manufacturers products I've had the misfortune of working on, people tend to overcomplicate it.  In the past (when we actually hired employee's) we have had folks like engineers and auto mechanics, looking for work, try it out.  I thought; "Heck!  If they can do that, this will be a breeze".  I was wrong.  Somehow, these highly intelligent people  cannot grasp the relative simplicity in design, form and function of a bicycle.  Hence why we work alone!  It's not so much a criticism as it is a difference in thought process.  You need a mind for simplicity and I have a very simple mind!
That was it for the day.  Oh, had a couple looky loo's, and oh yea, several more movie shoppers, but other than that, nada. 
"that's that chicken with the light gravy, right?"
Needless to say, it was an eight chapter day!  With nothing left to do, just punted at the computer working on the big book!  (ok...they're not HUGE chapters!)  but the thing is over 125,000 words right now, and no where near done! 
SO, with nothing to work on, and all my phone calls and running amok done, guess I'll get back at it.
Hope to see ya soon!


  1. Simple is as simple does, Forest would say. Okay maybe not those exact words but close enough? =)

    1. ...and that's all I gotta say about that.

  2. Ok, Buck-O, here's the Uncle Chippie Challenge:

    My sci-fi epic runs 262,000 words.

    Top that.

  3. be's my first time....

  4. Are you bragging or complaining?

    The back story on that one: JoAnn and I had just done our last teleplay for cablecast, so I started writing a story with no regard for how it might be filmed. No limits/no budget. So I went a bit nuts.

    An average novel for me runs about 102,000 words, and this recent 12-story children's book clocks in at 20,000 words.

    My non-fiction is locked in at 50,000 words each.

  5. Bragging? Well, yea...A bit. As far as complaining? I guess my only complaint is that I can't write fast enough! This piece has so absorbed me, that during my day, I have to tear myself away to do real work (but in the summer slow down that ain't to much of a problem!) See, I've always wanted to write, but never took the time, now that I have finally done so, from some unknown motivation,it is ALL I want to do! I mean, I'm fleshing out the next few chapters when I'm laying my head down at night! Just really weird how this works.

  6. Welcome to my world, my friend.

    You're gonna really dig O'Keefe's.