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Monday, July 6, 2015

Training Wheels ALMOST a Thing of the Past!

MONDAY time again!
Took yesterday to just chill with the kiddo's, and work on Izabella's bike riding skills (granted, didn't spend too much time out side as everyone was red faced and panting after about fifteen minuets.  Even though she was excited to be riding, had to keep going inside for water and a breather.  Of course, doesn't help when the urge struck her around high noon!  UGH! 
Saturday was...meandering,  Sent the Fuji home with a very excited lady, who had only come in for a tube change on her Schwinn.  NICE looking Schwinn mountain bike, but as she divulged, the Fuji was JUST what she had been looking for, and it took no effort on my part, as she quickly talked herself into snagging it up!  Hey!  We got  a REALLY sweet dual shock (non Wal-Mart) Schwinn in trade, so we're good!  And I really wish I could share a pic of it and the other two we built, but of course, no Monday is truly a Monday, without technical SNAFU'S!  Yea, can't get my phone to send me pics, but I'm working on it!  If I figure it out, I'll tack them on later.
Aside from that, and a few NASCAR pit stops, didn't have a whole lot else going on, but honestly, didn't expect it being the Fourth.  Everyone and their brother ditches town and goes to points unknown!  Today, have little else to do, except one more DBS to build, and a couple "pick up later" repair's, that I gotta get parts for. 
Soooooo...we're free for anyone that needs us!  HINT HINT!
See ya soon folks!

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  1. Hey, plenty of time to practice your juggling skills!

    (Nudge nudge, wink wink.)