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Monday, July 20, 2015


Well, old habits die hard, apparently! 
Awoke this morning at the usual time, and as my new job doesn't officially start until 2.45 this afternoon, came in with Angi and Kaleb to get things done.  As will be my regular schedule around here M-W mid morning to early afternoon, and Fri and Sat afternoons, Angi and the boys have got things covered.  Angi is going at the whole "Mamma Clean" thing, expressing her dissatisfaction with the infamous "crinkled nose" disgruntlement.  I'll grant her, though, it was definitely a "mechanics" workspace with ample grease spots everywhere.  Now that there will be an actual counter AND a repair person on duty, she should be able to keep things looking relatively clean!  Of course, in that cleaning, she has been organizing behind the counter, pulling out a variety of sh...tuff I just never brought home, or put away, so there is a box slowly filling up (I forgot I had the entire run of "Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew" comics up here!  Not to mention the collected works of H.P Lovecraft!)  of superfluous goodies.  Oh RE-Cycle...I just can't quit you!!  Definitely an odd sensation not to mention slightly anxiety ridden!  Honestly, I have no real clear idea of exactly what my job will BE at the fabricators!  What little they showed me makes me scratch my head and wonder, how does such an apparently limited amount of work require an eight hour shift?  Oh, well, guess I'll find out soon!
Saturday was brisk in the AM, sending the Kaluna to a new home, as well as the Trek 7200.  That, along with a few repairs kept us busy for the morning, then of course, the gray clouds drifted in and everyone scampered to the safety of the indoors, and things quieted down.  Angi had intended on coming up first thing, but of course, getting the coverage at the house and Kaleb moving in the morning, proved too much hassle, so she didn't get up until shortly before the rain hit.  Elijah had used Mamma' bike a couple weeks back, screwed up the rear wheel and never said anything about it of course.  Not until Mamma pulled it out Friday to get it ready, did she discover it, so had to wait for the boy to wake up and bring it here so I could fix it.  Yes, would have been easier if I did it, but then he'd never learn anything about responsibility, right?  You'd think, but it just ended up being something he could whine about and sight the inequities of life. SHEESH!! 
Today, have a couple repairs to bang out, and picked up an elder Schwinn cruiser on Saturday as well.  Not too sure what will come of it, as it very clearly decorated someone's back yard for a couple decades, but stranger things have cleaned up!
OKAY!  Now, I best get a moving!  Check out the one newbie we were ale to slam out, and we'll be seeing you soon! 

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!

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