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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

...Build it 300 cubits, by 500 cubits....

I was just going through the last few weeks of posts and couldn't believe how many times I witch and complain about the what's one more time!?
Seriously though, I don't mind it personally, I quite enjoy riding in it, love the sounds of a good thunderstorm, lightning flashes... ETC.  Just hate what it does to business.  It has rained ALL day! It's now 2.30 in the morning and it still hasn't lightened up!  By the time I got home from work, I really didn't even need a shower (don't get grossed out, I know the difference between clean and just wet, so I did it anyway)  Good thing my biker bag is water tight.
Needless to say, today at the shop was a bust! Oh, we kept busy. Got around to cleaning up the back, behind the shop as Angi went out the other day and had a fit about all the clutter and debris, and we painted over some graffiti that was recently perpetrated. Nothing vulgar, thankfully, just messy. We had a nice lady come in with her sons BMX, a hyper with the 25/9 gearing for a once over. They're moving up north and didn't want to put alot into it. Unfortunately, the rear was fried, along with the crank bearings, so it turned out not to be worth it. She donated the remains, and the boys got on a conversion to standard gearing, which is a lot more reliable anyway.  We also had a drop at our doorstep of a girls BMX, they hopefully finished up as well, and I'll give them the once over tomorrow with a stern QC!  Later in the day, another gent came in with a MTB to sell, and Angi knew we needed more goodies, but after going through it, discovered everything was rusted solid, and was to far gone to save. Sad face! Like I said, when it rains, no one here wants to do anything!
Oy! Rain just picked up again!
Wish I had so much more to tell you, but gosh ah mighty, this time of the year... not so much!
I did, however, get my fork lift certification today, so now I don't have to wait and go find the shop forman to move stuff for me, thats nice! And they're finally starting to give me enough work to keep me busy. Thank God! I LOATHE busy work! Give me a fat checklist, and I'm a happy camper!  Also, figured out what was wrong with the sandblaster, the flow regulator was only half open, so I cranked it all the way up, and it didn't clog or stop once in three hours!
Yes, it was a good night, but, I still like the bakery better. I figured out why too.  It's like I'm working with my mother and my sister! Its uncanny! Both the women who run it are Yankees, and have so many of my families traights, its scary!  I was informed on Sunday that as of September tenth, I'd be basically managing the place, so it will be interesting to see what that will entail.
Ok. I best hit the sack now, but hope to see you folks tommorow.
Good night!
Or morning...whichever.
OK, now it's morning (well...later morning) and the shop is brimming with activity!  Yea...right!  No, they're trying their best to keep busy, but as I awoke this morning and came out to get my coffee and guessed it, it was STILL raining!!!
There was one real sweet thing though, Suzanne has been a little lost during this transition, and doesn't go to sleep until I get home, and then want's to play as soon as I arrive home.  I learned real quick to remove my shoes outside before I come in, as trying to sit down on the stool when I come into the house, is impossible, as she is climbing and wriggeling all over me.  Now, normally, she has her own sleeping spot on the couch, but last night, after we played for a bit, I had to turn in, and seemingly satisfied she had enough "Daddy Time" she climbed onto her spot, I gave her a kiss goodnight and went to bed.  At some point last night, she made her way into the bedroom, laid down on the matt on my side of the bed and went to sleep.  This morning, as Angi and the boys were getting ready to head out, they came into the bedroom to get her, and she stubbornly refused to go!  Oh it was SOOO sweet!  Once I got up (and almost absent mindedly stepped on her climbing out of bed) she was once again all over me.  She was much more chipper going into work this morning!  For those people who claim animals don't have souls or emotions, I whole heartidly DISSAGREE!!
All right, before I sign off, Angi was checking her Facebook this morning and caught a link to an absolutely HILLARIOUS video on Youtube you HAVE to check out!!!  It's proof positive, that us NOT having Cable means we sometimes miss out on some good entertainment!!  Now, forgive the tagline of this video, but the title tells it all " F@#&ing Ben Affleck"  I posted it after this Blog, and I'll tell you, it had me in stitches!!!  And the number of cameo's in this thing is MIND BOGGLING!! you have to check it out!
All right, just got in a couple freebies, so I'm going to jump on them!
See ya soon!!

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  1. And here I am, positing the correct comeback to your dimensional headline:

    "Yes, Noah?"
    "Whassa cubit???

    At one point, in high school, I had that entire comedy routine memorized.

    He used to be cool.