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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Back in The HOUSE!!!

HEY!!  Welcome back Folks! 
OK, getting use to the new schedule, and it has been a whole new adventure for all concerned!  Sorry I haven't posted in a few, for the aforementioned reason.  Thursday was the fun day!  Got of work at the warehouse (after sandblasting almost the entire evening!  SHEESH!!) at 1.30 am, then once getting home, concerned I would not be able to wake up at five am to start the new job at the bakery, I figured I should just stay up. NOT a smart move! 
By about eleven am things started getting a little squiggly! Luckily, and oddly enough, there isn't all that much for me to do there!  They have a very nice lady who comes in and does all the dishes and the majority of the cleaning, and the owner and another gent come in (the night before) and do the baking.  They have another gal (ANOTHER Fan Girl, so we get to talk comics and movies all day!) so my job is to manage the sales, run the register and keep the front clean,  The front being all total about 90 square feet.  Not a challenge!  It's casual and laid back, very much an independent shop, not unlike us, and I get to flex my cool T-shirt collection!  All the ones getting dirty at the shop, won't allow!  Oh, small things make me happy!
What's really strange, is the shift necessary in the mind set of going from one job atmosphere to the next.  It's been a long while since I worked in the food industry.  Like today, I don't hesitate at the shop here going from mechanic to ringing up the register, but there, apparently you can NOT go from handling money to handling food without washing your hands! 
Again, as I said, we are all getting use to things, so my attendance here has been a tad sporadic.  A fact which is apparently somewhat unnerving to a few folks, specifically some of our regular scrap guys who bring in bike finds.  All I can say is Angela is MORE the capable and qualified to help anyone with their bicycle issues, and can appraise a ride sufficiently.  She was, after all, their in the very beginning of the business, and quite frankly, responsible for the majority of the policies we incorporated.
Of course, it has been rather quiet around here this week, as we are in Monsoon season once again, and have seen nothing but rain and gray skies!  ICK!!  Thankfully though, as I look out the window today, they have cleaned up, mostly, and it is suppose to remain pleasant for the remainder of today and tomorrow!  YAY!  Thinkin' maybe we'll have Elijah come down and open for a bit tomorrow, to help out all the waterlogged folks afraid to make the journey in the down pour.  Can't say a I blame the hesitation they feel to driving or riding in that mess!
Did have a few high points this week, though!  Got in a couple donations of rides I'll be banging out this afternoon, one is or rather was an auto shift ride, lightweight aluminum frame, that I have converted into a standard shift.  Sadly, the rear derailleur (a crucial part of "self-shifting) was thrashed.  But that's cool, as it makes for a sharp looking 21 speed!
Also, the other day we scored real big on a bevy of classic movies on VHS!  Had to open up space for a whole "Foreign Film" collection! And I scored me a copy of Steve Martins "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"!!!  Oh if you haven't heard of that one, don't feel bad rather obscure, but so cool to watch.  Black and White spoof on the crime noir schtick!! 
OK!  Now, I'm gonna jump on building up some goodies!
Hope to see y'all soon! 


  1. Glad to see you're back at the blog! (You had me worried.)

    Now if it would only stop raining long enough for a decent bike ride.

    Or ANY bike ride, for that matter.

    Ah, Paradise!

  2. Thank you sir! Yes, acclimating myself to the new set up! I had a feeling it would take a week to learn my limitation! LOL! Sucks getting old!