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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let The SPOOKY begin!!!

I'll take the first part here to respond to a comment left by Uncle Chippie yesterday, regarding consignment.  I would have done it there, I tried even, but the bloody thing wouldn't let me send, so my propensity for enduring technical FUBAR'S withstands! 
The thing with consignments are, we do them for the benefit of the customers.  We get bikes in here all the time. Either the customer is selling, trading or donating.  Most of the time, the rides have had their day in the sun, and show the wear.  They need a lot of TLC to get back on the road, so we get them for a reasonable price, do the work and find them a new home.  There are some that come in, and for whatever reason, whether it's the owner no longer rides, didn't ride much in the first place or they just need cash, that compels them to sell.  Some of them, however, are just in Spit Spot great shape, and worth a good penny.  Thing is, economics what they are, we just can't see clear to shell out the dough that these rides are really worth, and we're not going to insult or try and shyster for what we can afford to pay  (there are those occasional slightly sinister looking blokes that will come in with a high dollar bike, and ask for a twenty, and we send them a PACKIN'!  Could you be any more obvious?)  hence the design of our consignment deals.  Truth is, as we advertise all our bikes on Craigslist, OfferUp and the like, and folks come to realize it's a shop selling the bike and backing it with a warranty, they'd rather get it here!  Gives them the security that should something, God forbid, go wrong with the ride, they can bring it to an established business and have it taken care of.  While we're on the subject, some have said it's silly to offer our warranty on a product we didn't rebuild, BUT we do it for two reasons, one; we check them out and fully service them, two; we don't want anyone to get an unsafe ride OR feel like they bought a lemon from us! And let's face it, there are a LOT of consignment shops for a variety of good's all over this country, and the percentage that the seller pays (ranging from 25-45%) is for merely placing the item in their store!  No advertising specific to THAT item, no service, no guarantee...nada!  SO in effect, you're paying part of your items value, for it to sit on a shelf or take up floor space.  That's it!  NAH!  We don't feel all that comfortable collecting money for nothing! 
ANYWAY...the suggestion was, to collect a fee, up front, for the service we provide in prepping the item for sale.  Enh?  Really don't feel comfortable with that either.  The majority of the time, folks are selling their bikes because they need money.  Taking it "up front" when their strapped already?  That just doesn't rub me the right way.  We haven't had a lot of problems with folks trying to take advantage of us, quite frankly, I think we have been very fortunate in that respect.  We work HEAVILY in the light of Karma.  WE get a great amount of Karma point's when we trust and put faith in people.  Those who abuse that trust (and their aint' been many)...well...they get the dark side of karma, and that's a place you DO NOT want to be living in!  I fully believe, that should someone dare to step on that side...well...they get what's coming.  So, even in lieu of my own frustration regarding the recent mishap, we'll keep things friendly like before.  Thanks for the suggestion anywho!
NOW!  On too yesterday....THUMP! 
yea...with a resounding THUD!
Rozlynd and I did get to watch a lot of YouTube "REAL GHOSTS CAUGHT ON TAPE!" stuff!  WOW!  Talk about fraudulent!  Out of all of it, there was only about 1% that made me think, "hmmmm?" And I grew up in New England IN several haunted houses (ask me to tell you REAL ghost stories, next time you stop by.  Like, the room I slept in on Carroll street that had been used to conduct séances in the early part of the 20th century when it was all the rage, or about the house Angi and I lived in on Court Street, where, among other things, I had kept several "collector" toys stored in the eves of my attic bedroom, that kept disappearing, and it wasn't until several weeks later we found out, that a woman who lived four doors down from us, was having regular visits from the spirit of a young boy, and started to find die cast metal cars being left on her bed when she got home from work!  Or the attic or basement or bourning room of the 300 year old farm house we lived at in Brentwood (located about 200 yards from the stone remains of the original house located on the property in the late 1600's who's occupants were killed when the building was burned down in an Indian raid....oh the list goes on and on) OH LOOK!  A TANGENT! 
sorry, where the hell was I....
Oh yea...
So, with all the technology of modern day computers, even I phones and such, to edit and spruce up an image?  Well, you pretty much can't trust Anything you have seen in the last decade.  But it's fun to have a startle every now and then!
We managed to put out two newbies yesterday, and yes, finally got the phone snafu figured out, but the round about way I have to send pics to myself is rather annoying! Have to go through two separate email accounts, post it to Craigslist THEN copy and paste to the blog!  PHEW!  What a chore!
Well, with nothing more to ramble about, I'm off! 
See ya!

image 1
ONLY $60.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!
image 1
ONLY $55.00!!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $75.00!!!

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  1. Well, yeah, maybe my way is a little harsh, and the customer is always right, but:

    They ain't a customer if you ain't making money on 'em.

    See you real soon!